How to produce a physical manifestation

TOPICS: Ma-ter light is an expression of consciousness – all form is the light taking on a mental image – consciously or unconsciously co-creating – stages of co-creation – trying to impress others – only God in you can manifest – being an open door – manipulating matter with the lower will – surrender is the key –

Question: I have two questions, one is about creativity—what is necessary to produce a physical manifestation? And the other is, as a side question, clarity about this will of the Mother because that probably goes together I think. Because as I understand it is the Father that says, “I Will to be MORE” and the Mother that responds, and in order to respond you need intelligence and you need power to act and that decides the timing?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

What will it take, then, to be able to manifest? Well, it will take an awareness – going into certainty – that the Ma-ter Light is not separated from consciousness – as Saint Germain expounded upon in his discourse – where you know that the Ma-ter Light is an expression of consciousness, and you know therefore that mind has power over matter, not the other way around.

This is not something that comes in one instance. It takes time, it takes experimentation, where your acceptance of this fact gradually grows until you see beyond matter. You see the substance – call it the Mater Light or whatever else you desire – but you see the substance itself—how it has simply taken on a particular form. And then you use that power of the mind to superimpose another vision, another image, upon that light so that it conforms to it.

Now, concerning the Mother not having will, not having power, you need to be careful not to be trapped in semantics. It is quite difficult to use words to describe these concepts precisely, and that is why so often people have been trapped in a certain expression of truth and have started arguing or fighting over it. For again, it depends on which layer – which level of consciousness – you are using as the basis for the expression of a particular truth.

What exactly do you mean when you say the Mother and the Father? There are different levels of this, as was explained by Maraytaii and by Mother Mary, and I recommend that you study those dictations along with Master MORE’s discourse to get a feel for the fact that these words can be used at different levels.

The Mother Light itself does not have an independent will to take on a certain form. That form must be imposed upon the light by a self-aware being who fills that role of co-creator. Now, you must understand that you are in the process of becoming co-creators, but the reality is that you are already co-creators. It is only a matter of how consciously aware of this that you are. Are you consciously co-creating or are you unconsciously co-creating?

And of course, most people on this planet are unconsciously co-creating, which means that they do not see themselves as co-creators. They do not see that it is their state of consciousness that has created their outer circumstances, and therefore the only way to change the circumstances is to change the consciousness. So what it will take is that you increase your awareness and acceptance of the fact that you are a co-creator, and that humankind have collectively created the current conditions on earth.

Now, you also need to recognize that you are a CO-creator, so there are certain stages that people go through. First you have the people who are unconscious co-creators who are refusing to take responsibility for their co-creation, just letting their subconscious minds superimpose images upon the Ma-ter Light and not acknowledging that the physical manifestations that result are a creation of the mind. There are, of course, also those who are so lost in the collective consciousness that they are simply experiencing the manifestations of the collective consciousness.

So the next stage is that you become more consciously aware of the power of the mind and the ability to create. And at this point it is quite common – and quite a pitfall – for students to become trapped in looking at people, such as myself, who have displayed what we might say, extraordinary abilities. And so a student can come to think that this should be what he or she should do when reaching a certain level of consciousness.

There are even those who have fallen prey to the plot of their egos, where they think that oh, if they could only impress other people with these supernatural abilities, then they could convert everyone to see the reality of the spiritual path. But really, the ego is projecting this desire out of its desire to elevate itself above others. So people are lusting after the ability to precipitate or to perform other signs and wonders as a way to elevate the ego.

And the only way out of that is to come to the recognition that in order to truly manifest anything beyond the human capability, you have to recognize the truth in my statements, “I can of my own self do nothing. It is the Father within me who doeth the work.”

So you recognize that you are a CO-creator with your own I AM Presence. You, as the Conscious You, is down here expressing itself through the physical body and the outer mind. Thus, you will naturally see life, the universe and yourself from this localized vantage point. Your Higher Self, however, has the global awareness – is in tune with the Higher Being of God – and therefore when you allow your Higher Being to precipitate and manifest through you, well only that which is in alignment with the greater vision and plan of God will be manifest.

In other words, you are not deciding with your outer mind that I want to bring forth this manifestation or I want to heal that person. I did not go around 2,000 years ago deciding with my mind that I was going to heal a particular person. I allowed my lower will to become transparent to the higher will of my own Being. And thus, I could stand in front of a person with a severe illness and I surrendered myself to be the open door for my Higher Being to bring forth the energies that would heal that person.

But in some cases nothing came forth because for various reasons it was not in that person’s divine plan or karmic situation that the person be healed from the disease. And so, you see if you do not have that total surrender of the lower will, you can become trapped into trying to use various forms of black magic in order to manifest something that will impress others. You might even do this with good intentions of healing others or awakening them to the spiritual path, but you must recognize that true manifestation occurs when you are completely transparent to the higher will and you are allowing your Higher Being to manifest through you.

It is, however, possible to reach a certain level of the path where you have the understanding that the Ma-ter Light can be manipulated by the mind, but you have not attained the surrender of the lower will to the higher will – and therefore you use the lower will to channel the mind’s abilities into manipulating matter in order to produce a certain phenomenon.

This takes many forms including some Christian healers in the evangelical movement who claim to have the Holy Spirit and use it to bring forth healings. But it is not coming from the Holy Spirit, for their will is not surrendered to the higher will. They have a human vision and desire for converting others and impressing them, so that they can set themselves up as being, as they see it, powerful representatives of Christ.

You have also seen New Age channelers who desire to produce various phenomena during their channeling sessions. But yet that energy does not come forth from the spiritual realm. It comes from the emotional or mental realm, and so the result is that it actually drains the person of energy, or drains the audience of energy, and eventually these people will then not be able to sustain their activity.

And so, again, surrender is the key to true spiritual progress—surrender, and that is in a sense a quality of the Mother,the surrender to the higher will of the Father, which is not the external Father, not the external will. But it is the recognition that as long as your self-awareness is focused in the material realm, you cannot have the birds-eye view—you cannot see the forest for the trees. And you will not get that greater vision unless you surrender. And then, you might indeed have the vision ahead of time that a certain person is not to be healed, whereas another person is.


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