How to overcome the feeling of being helpless

Question: Dear Mother Mary, could you please give your perspective on the feeling of helplessness? How can someone break the vicious cycle of feeling helpless about decisions made by some sort of authorities, the government, federal offices, big companies that influence their own life situation? What is the lesson that is hidden in these situations?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology.

You need to look at the fact that planet earth is a schoolroom as we have said. There are two ways to learn, the school of hard knocks and the school of inner direction. When you are an ascended master student, you need to make sure that you are taking our teachings and putting yourself into the school of inner direction, pulling yourself away from the school of hard knocks.

And therefore, you need to recognize that before you came into this embodiment in a particular country and outer situation you now find yourself, you decided in your divine plan, that you wanted to embody in that situation. And the reason you did this was that this could help you learn certain lessons. It could even, so to speak, force you to confront certain issues in your own psychology, and overcome them.

And so, if you now feel that you are living in a society, where the leaders of society are making certain decisions that are affecting you, you feel restricted by this and you feel helpless to do anything about it, then you need to recognize as an ascended master student, that you put yourself in this situation for a purpose, because when you created your divine plan, you have a higher vision than you have right now.

But it is possible to use our teachings and tools to realign yourself with the vision behind your divine plan. So, one reason why you put yourself in a situation where you feel helpless, is that from past lives you have not overcome the consciousness of feeling helpless and you wanted to put yourself in an outer situation that would make you feel helpless, in order to force yourself to confront this psychological issue. There are of course separate selves that cause you to feel helpless, and they might go very far back. It might even go back to your original cosmic birth trauma, or first coming to earth being attacked by the fallen beings and being helpless to do anything about the attacks of the fallen beings and being helpless to do anything about the rejection from the people of earth.

So, we are giving you tools and teachings on how to discover these selves and overcome them. You can also benefit of course, from making the calls for spiritual protection and for being cut free from the collective beasts and demons that make people feel helpless. Because it is clear that the fallen beings want to control people on earth, they want to pacify people on earth. So they have, ever since they came here, projected into the collective consciousness that ordinary people, so to speak, cannot stand out against the elite. And this is a very, very large momentum, a very large conglomerate of beasts and demons that are projecting this image of people, and if you have this tendency in your psychology, you will be tied into it.

And you can cut those ties through the calls to Astrea and the calls to Archangel Michael. But ultimately, you can only fully cut the tie when you overcome the various psychology, the separate selves that caused this feeling of helplessness. You are not feeling helpless, there are separate selves in your four lower bodies that feel helpless. And when you identified them with yourselves or when you have not separated yourself from it, then your outer mind experiences the feeling of helplessness.

But you, you are not helpless. You feel helpless because you are seeing life through the perception filter of a particular separate self. When you overcome the self, you overcome the feeling of being helpless. You are not helpless, you may not be able to change the outer condition, but you can change your reaction to the inner condition and to the outer condition.

And changing your reaction to the outer condition is precisely what the spiritual path is all about, as demonstrated in the story of the Buddha sitting under the Bodhi tree, being ready to go into Nirvana and being confronted with the demons of Mara, who attempted to pull him into reacting to anything on earth. And if he had reacted, he would not have been ready to go into Nirvana because he was still having an attachment to something on earth. And in order to ascend you need to overcome all of your attachments. So you can look back at earth, even in the primitive conditions it is in right now and say: “The prince of this world has nothing in me. I am leaving this planet permanently”.


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