How to move towards a more balanced state of mind

Question: Is there phase on the spiritual path where we experience a shattering of our outer life and norms, where our lives are turned upside down and we experience loss and a stripping away of what we have come to rely on for continuity in our day-to-day existence, where we are forced to rely completely on our Christ Self and I AM Presence to survive and take the next step? Also, why is it that some of us have very extreme experiences on the path, such as depression or mental breakdown, and have great difficulty surviving these experiences and moving on from them? Why do some of us have experiences such as these during our spiritual awakening that we never really get over, and have to carry them with us for the duration of our current lifetime?

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Increasing Your Christ Discernment.

Well, again, you need to recognize that you live on a very, very difficult planet. Walking the spiritual path, especially the path to Christhood, is a very difficult task on a planet like earth. You have had many past lifetimes where you have been exposed to various traumatic experiences, and you have created various separate selves in response to this. What we can say is that the more traumas you still have from the past, the more you have a tendency to have an unbalance in your lifestream, in your four lower bodies. And the more unbalance you have in your four lower bodies, the more you tend to have these more extreme experiences on the path. Depression and mental illness are certainly a sign that you have very severe traumas and wounds in your four lower bodies, but also the sense that you have completely lost your sense of continuity. This is something that has happened to various people, in some cases as a result of a Kundalini rising, in some cases for other reasons. And what we have attempted to do, especially in this dispensation, is to give you a very balanced path, and a very balanced approach, so you can avoid having these more extreme experiences.

It is completely possible to walk the path to Christhood while having a more balanced experience. There will be some swings, there are certain initiations you need to face, and you certainly need to face the initiation of being willing to give up things in order to take the next step on the path. And there comes a point where you need to demonstrate that you are willing to give up anything on earth in order to take another step up to a decisively higher level. When this messenger became a messenger, he had to demonstrate to me that he was willing to give up anything on earth, even his life on earth, in order to rise to a higher level. But this was not a shattering of his norms and sense of continuity, because he had already attained a high degree of balance in past lives.

For those of you who have not attained this balance in past lives, again, we have given all of our teachings on healing the spiritual traumas to help you move towards a more balanced state. It is understandable that people can have very traumatic experiences, of a mental breakdown, for example, or depression, and feel like they can never really overcome this in this lifetime. However, this is an illusion promoted by the fallen beings and the collective consciousness.

There is nothing you could encounter on earth that you cannot overcome, if you are willing to use the tools and the teachings we have given. And willing, of course, also to make the decisions that need to be made of letting certain selves die. There are people who have gone through various traumatic experiences, whether it is outer experiences or psychological conditions, mental illness, and who have built a certain self at the identity level as being a victim of such circumstances, even defining themselves based on these circumstances. And it is understandable that people have created this self, but I must tell you straightforwardly that there comes a point where you cannot make progress unless you confront this self, see it as a separate self, and decide to let it die, so that you can rise to a higher level of identity where you are no longer defined by these past occurrences.

Anything in your past, you can overcome. I am not trying to hereby put pressure on people, because I know very well that many people have been severely wounded and it will take them time to heal it. But you need to know that anything that has happened on earth cannot affect your I AM Presence, cannot affect the Conscious You, and therefore the Conscious You can be free of it, when it is able to make the decision to let it go. But as we have said, that requires, in most cases, the confrontation of many separate selves that you need to let die one by one, precisely so that you avoid losing your sense of continuity. You do it gradually, but you need to keep in mind that the Conscious You is not defined by anything that has happened on earth, and you can return to that state of pure awareness, but you can only do so by giving up these separate selves that pull you away from it.


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