How to move the focus from the mind to the heart?

TOPICS: Christ consciousness means coming from the heart – intellectualizing is not Christ consciousness – Christhood is a process, a flowing stream –

Question: Can you give further teachings on how to open the heart, how to move the focus from the mind to the heart? I am assuming that coming from the heart is an important part of the Christ consciousness.

Answer from ascended master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels:

Coming from the heart IS the Christ consciousness, not a part of it. For, in a sense, the tendency among humankind – even among many spiritual people, even among ascended master students – is to want to break everything down into parts, and thus say, “Ah, first there is that part, and I have to fulfill that requirement, and then I can begin on the next requirement.”

In a sense this is a necessary stage of the path, for as we have said before, the path implies that you take one step at a time. Nevertheless, if you have – if you see within yourself – the tendency to be too analytical, to focus too much on the mind, then make a conscious decision and a conscious effort to go beyond the concept of seeing the path as steps, as parts that can be divided into separate units.

Stop seeing Christhood as individual separated parts that must be fulfilled, but instead, make the conscious effort to step back, to look at the big picture, to focus on the whole. Start seeing Christhood as a process, as an ever-flowing stream.

If you contemplate a stream of water, you cannot take it apart. Surely you can have your little bucket, as you did when you were children. You can dip your bucket into the stream, and pull it up on the shore, and then you can sit there and look at the water that has now been separated from the stream and is now set apart from the stream.

But you have not stopped the stream. You have taken a portion out of the stream, and you have stopped the flow in that portion. But the stream is still moving on. The River of Life is ever flowing.

So, what I am saying is to no longer be the child who is sitting next to the river looking at the stale water in the bucket. Instead, get up, take the bucket, throw it back into the stream, and then jump in after it, no longer setting yourself apart.

For you see, there will always be those who stand on the shore, maybe dipping their toe in the water. But I have long ago jumped in, and I can tell you: “The water is fine!”

NOTE: Two practical tools for opening the heart are the Invocation for Clearing the Heart and the Invocation for Loving Yourself.


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