How to make the maximum progress by using a spiritual teaching

Question: Dear masters, how many students have manifested a high degree of or full Christhood via this dispensation? And how many students have overcome their cosmic birth trauma? Has the progress been as expected or not? If not, what do you think is stopping the students and what would you advise us to start or stop doing more of?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

Well, I do not want to put exact numbers on this. What I can say is that this dispensation has been more successful, so far, than any previous dispensation in terms of helping people grow towards Christhood. What is full Christhood? Well, basically not what you reach until the one hundred forty fourth level. But there are many people who have made considerable progress.

There is, for us, a satisfactory number of people who have resolved their birth traumas. There are many more that are coming close to it, and we are gratified by the fact that so many students have taken these teachings and have used them to make very significant progress that many of them have not been able to make until these teachings were released. Naturally, there are more people who could benefit from using these teachings.

The real issue that I would like to bring out in this context is that there are students and it is not just in this dispensation, but it has been the same in all previous dispensations, who come into a teaching, they study the teaching, they may practice decrees and invocations faithfully, but they are not truly listening to what the teaching is saying. They are still in a state of mind where they believe that they know what the spiritual path is about. And therefore, when they study the teaching, they are studying it selectively. They are looking for what validates their view of the path and they are overlooking or ignoring or even denying or arguing against the teachings that do not validate their view but that could actually take them to a higher view of the path.

There has always been a certain percentage of the students who are in this category. In this dispensation, there are less of them, because they usually tend to leave after a while, because they cannot keep pace with the students that have used the teachings to transcend themselves, they cannot keep pace with the messenger who is transcending himself, they cannot keep pace with our teachings, where we, because the messenger and the students are willing to transcend, we can give higher and higher teachings.

But in general, you could say this: if you do not feel you have made the progress that you could have made, if you are not satisfied with the progress you have made, it is because there is something you have not grasped. And the reason for this is that you still have a separate self, that gives you a fixed view, a closed ended view of the spiritual path. There is something you are not open to seeing or able to see, because this self is blocking you.

You need to try and identify what that self is, you need to try to really pay attention to what we are saying, read between the lines. You need to monitor your reaction to what we are saying. You will be able to notice, when there’s a tendency, where you argue against something, where you do not really focus on certain teachings or where you maybe even decide: “Oh, that’s not for me, or that’s not so important or that’s not the way it is.” You have these reactions of closing your mind, dismissing a certain teaching. And when you come to identify this, then you can realize this is a teaching that I really need to pay attention to, that I really need to grasp, I really need to try to look beyond my perception filter and grasp that teaching.


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