How to make matter sing

Question:  Dear Saint Germain, there’s a teaching you have given about our divine plan in which you mentioned that it is in some people’s divine plan to make matters sing. Can you expound on this some more? When I read that teaching, this was the one thing I was averse to, and I felt this does not apply to me. But I’m beginning to feel it might not be so, and it was just an aspect of ego projecting upon me not to consider that this could be what is in my plan. Please, could you elaborate more on what kind of service one could be giving when that is part of one’s divine plan? How would one encounter situations in life that would present an opportunity to make matter sing?

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology

Well, you make matter sing in various ways. You make matter sing by raising your consciousness and attaining the Christ consciousness. You make matter sing when you are kind and loving towards other people. But there are of course more direct ways of also making matter sing.

When you give decrees and invocations you are making matter sing because you are sending these vibrations into the four levels of the material universe. And this is raising the vibration of matter itself, even the atoms, the molecules and so forth, so that it starts vibrating at a higher level. Making matter sing is a symbol for the matter realm vibrating at its natural level. When you are sending a high frequency energy wave into the matter realm, you are causing the matter itself to vibrate at a higher level, and this is what is meant by making matter sing.

Now music and song can also have this effect. Some musicians who are playing the kind of harmonious music can also make matter sing. When people sing, for example, in a large group, they can make matter sing. It is even possible to give a talk, give a speech, in such a way that it moves people, it makes them see something they haven’t seen before, and it can also send out this vibration that makes matter sing. When people come together in any kind of event where they are united in a positive state of consciousness, that also makes matter sing.


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