How to make calls for other people

Question: In our calls for loved ones, and for people in our circle of influence, and for that matter, people in our country, can we ask to raise the energies of their four lower bodies? Would that be a violation of their free will? Or would it help them somehow?

Answer from the Ascended Master  Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Korea in 2019.

Yes, of course you can ask for the raising of the energy sort of the four lower bodies, because this is really a foundation for them making better conscious choices. It is very often that people are so burdened by inharmonious fear-based energies, that cannot see clearly what choices to make. You will see many people for example, who are in a downward spiral, where their lives are becoming more and more chaotic and they do not know what to do. They cannot make responsible choices. So by making the calls for the transformation of the energy, for example, in their emotional bodies, then they can get some relief from the chaos. And then they can gradually come to a point where they can see clearly and now they can make a free choice. You realize that when a person is very burdened by dis-harmonious energy, the person is not free to make a choice. So therefore, the energies work against people’s free will. So calling for the removal of the energy is not against people’s free will, it actually frees their will.

Nevertheless, you do a cause need to recognize that it’s not appropriate to do this on a long-term basis. You will see as we have talked about before, that in some past dispensations people used the Violet Flame as an excuse for not changing their psychology. They would for example, become angry, then they would give Violet Flame decrees to transmute the energy produced by the anger. But next week, they would be angry again. And so, you can have a loved one who is in a negative spiral, you make the calls for the transformation of the energy, and now they suddenly feel relieved. So now that I feel better, why change anything? Why look at myself? Why make new decisions? And so, the person just mis-qualifies energy again, becomes burdened, you make the calls, the person feels better, and so on and so on. And that is where sometimes if you have done this for some time, you might need to simply decide, this is not actually helping the person, so I will stop doing this.


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