How to live without making karma 

Question: The universal law of karma is the natural companion of free will. We are responsible for the light we receive. Therefore if we misqualify the light, we must requalify it back. For Most of us, entangled in the duality consciousness, we usually consider that all our karma comes from the wrong decisions we make through the duality consciousness, through the mind of antichrist. But what about when we make the shift of consciousness and identify with the Conscious You and become gradually united with the I AM Presence, free for the most part of the ego structure? We cannott say we no longer make karma because we continue to have free will. So what can cause karma for a being that is in the higher stages of Christhood, and what can make karma for an ascended being?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

Well, first of all, we have said before that an ascended master does not make karma as you make karma on earth. You can, as an ascended master, develop certain conditions that either makes you attached to a certain planet or makes you need to move on from a planet to avoid becoming attached, but this is not karma.

What people normally mean when they say that we are making karma is something you make from the dualistic state of consciousness, from a separate self. This makes karma, misqualifies energy, but you need to be careful to realize that the Hindu idea that karma is associated with action is not the full explanation. Dualistic actions lead to karma. Non-dualistic actions do not lead to karma. They do not even lead to positive karma. In fact, you could say that, in a higher understanding of karma, the distinction between positive and negative karma is meaningless because any karma, regardless of what actions caused it, will tie you to earth and thereby prevent your ascension.

What happens is that when you begin to attain Christhood, you can take actions where you are not making karma the way you did through a dualistic self. You may still have certain dualistic selves, and if you act through them, you can make karma that way. But when you are not acting through a dualistic self, you are not making karma.

You are taking an action, but you are not misqualifying energy with fear. If you take the action without fear, and if you look at the result of your action without fear, you are not misqualifying energy with a lower vibration. It is perfectly possible to be in embodiment on earth and be so free from the dualistic mind that you are not acting through fear and you are not evaluating your actions through fear. Therefore you will not qualify energy with a lower vibration. You will qualify it with a love-based vibration, which, as we have talked about before, means that the energy will rise up in the figure-eight flow between your I AM Presence and your lower being, and as it rises up, it will be multiplied and given back to you so you have more creative energy.

This is something that is a very subtle teaching that can be difficult for many people to understand, and I foresee that many people will misinterpret the teaching from the linear mind. But the reality is that you can come to a point where the actions you take will actually serve to help you become more free and more creative. This does not mean that these actions are necessarily the highest or the ideal according to some spiritual standard or evaluation.

You can take some action sometimes that may seem to be selfish, but because you are not in a dualistic state of mind, because you are not acting out of fear, you are not misqualifying energy. You can take certain actions that have the purpose, for example, of giving you a certain experience that you desire to have on earth. It might seem that you are being selfish, but if you are doing it to fulfill a certain desire, so you can have fulfilled that desire to the degree where you can let go of that desire, then it can be part of your spiritual growth, even part of your divine plan.

For example, having children can be a legitimate spiritual desire, and it does not mean that you make karma for having children, even if you once in a while get irritated or overwhelmed by what you have to do. You can pursue a certain career, a certain job. You can even pursue certain material goals because it is a legitimate desire to experience something. You can then feel you have had enough of it and let go of it.

You might know that we have given teachings that there is a realm that some souls go to after the physical body dies, called Devachan, which is the realm of wish fulfillment, where you can live out certain desires until you have had enough of them. You can therefore let go and you do not have to reincarnate in an incarnation that is dominated by that desire. You will see in Yogananda’s book how he gives an example of how he had an experience of his master manifesting a palace for him because he had a desire to have such a palace, and by having it manifest, not physically but nevertheless in a tangible manifestation that he could experience, he was able to let go of the desire without having to have it physically, which would have prevented him from becoming a spiritual teacher in this lifetime.


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