How to know if you are an avatar

Question: How does one find out if they are an avatar or original inhabitant of earth or something else?

Answer from Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Estonia in 2017

Have you read the new book? I’ll answer this one and by the new book I mean My lives with Lucifer Satan Hitler and Jesus. In some previous teachings, some Ascended Master teachings and other spiritual teachings, the word Avatar has been used.  I am not 100% sure but I think it might have been introduced with Blavatsky and the Theosophical teachings?

I don’t know if any of you know them better or know that?  And of course it was used in the movie Avatar where they used it, it was in computer gaming there was a certain concept of avatar but in many Ascended Master teachings it was seen as an avatar was a really highly evolved being that came to earth.  And there was some teachings that said for example that said that Jesus was an avatar and that’s why he was so special.

And so this is ironic as I was saying to someone earlier because the same Ascended Master teachings were saying that Jesus was not the only son of God and he had many other embodiments on earth and in some of those embodiments he didn’t necessarily always do the right thing.  And so there was a part of the teaching that trying to take Jesus down from the pedestal but there was another part of the teaching that still had that idolatrous view that he was so special when he came.  And that of course is counter productive so what this book (My Lives with Lucifer, Hitler and Jesus) does is, it actually tries to demystify and de-idolatrise all of these concepts including Jesus.  It tries to show that the concept of an avatar refers to a person who wasn’t one of the original inhabitants of the earth and is not a fallen being and it was a person who didn’t have to come here for karmic reasons.

I mean there can be some people, some lifestreams who embodied on other planets and made karma on those planets and when for example when those planets were raised to a higher level they couldn’t raise their consciousness so shifted to earth which has a lower state of consciousness.  But an avatar is somebody who didn’t embody for any of these reasons but made a choice to come here and in their minds they had that they were doing this basically as a kind of rescue mission to help to raise the earth to a higher level.

And so what is said in the new book is that basically most of the people who are very spiritual and are open to spiritual teachings including Ascended Master teachings but not only Ascended Master teachings, that they are avatars.  It’s a reasonable assumption that if you are a very spiritual person and have been for a long time and have been open, then you probably came here as an avatar.

And so it said in the book that Jesus was an avatar but there were many others, in other words there are millions of people, of avatars who have come to earth.  And so what the masters want us to do is, again they are trying to remove the gap that we so often create between ourselves and them where we put them up on a pedestal that is unattainable, what they have done.  And make us realise that many of us have come here for the reason of; to help awaken the earth and how we do this is to awaken ourselves.  And that is not to say that there are not some spiritual people that are the original inhabitants.

And how do you find out whether you are one or the other?  You can only know that from within intuitively.  But as a general assumption, I would say assume that you are an Avatar if you are open to these teachings unless you get a strong intuitive sense that you are something else.  And this book it’s a novel and it’s written in the first person, so in other words it says “I experienced this”, “I did that” and obviously my name is on the cover but it doesn’t mean it’s an autobiography.  I don’t see it that I experienced everything that’s described in the book, but I do feel I experienced some of it but I do feel that it’s a compendium of what many Avatars have experienced when they came here.

Because the book describes that there are planets where you don’t have war, violence and all those kind of manifestations and they are called “natural” planets.  And an avatar is one who has come from a natural planet and directly to a planet like earth.  So I said that there could be other beings who had embodied on other planets that were not natural planets.  So in other words if your planet was at a lower level than the natural level and you embodied there and the planet was raised then you might have shifted to earth because you couldn’t make the jump up, so there are some people like that.  That’s not an avatar.  They’ve come from other planets but they are not avatars.

An avatar is one who came from a natural planet without violence and warfare and murder and mayhem.  And the reason that’s important is that as the masters have now said in these dictations also and now also said in the book, you can’t make that leap from an actual planet to planet like earth without experiencing shock and trauma.  And so in order to actually number 1: fulfil the mission why we came here for and number 2: get out of here – we have to heal that.

We have to recognise that it’s there and then heal it.  Because otherwise we are caught in this pattern and that’s what’s also described in the book how the main character was exposed to the fallen beings and they did something very unpleasant and then he started reacting to the fallen beings and got into a reactionary cycle of fighting them and trying to – having the best of intentions, of preventing them from killing and inflicting suffering on human beings.  He’s thought the only way to stop them was to kill them.

But there are other reactionary patterns where we can have gotten into this where we are not directly fighting the fallen beings, but we think for example that we can’t challenge them or we should submit ourselves or we should stay out of the way and not say anything that makes them angry and there could be many other reactionary patterns.  And as long as we are in a reactionary pattern to the fallen beings we cannot ascend.  And because we came from that level we have to become conscious of that and resolve it and get beyond it.


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