How to interact with non-spiritual people 

Question: Seeing that the masters are encouraging an age of community, how can we balance the notion that we are students of what seems to be a very radical teaching, compared with more established common popular ideologies, and still be communal with people that have nothing to do with what we believe? I sometimes feel that I bring out more, ‘better’ energies when I’m alone. But too I feel some inner drive to be more social, by always having a tendency toward introversion, and yet I feel almost canceled by social interactions when I take part in them. Sometimes it really feels like we are the only olive tree in a forest of acacias.

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Increasing Your Christ Discernment.

Well, this is one of these enigmas on the path of how to deal with you being a spiritual person, and interacting with people who are not spiritual. But it is important for you to build a certain interaction with people who are not in the same spiritual teaching, because it is the only way to really prevent what we have seen in so many spiritual movements, where they create this self-reinforcing spiral that actually blinds them to many things.

An organization can create a collective consciousness, a certain culture, that pulls people in, and can have many not-so-constructive effects, for example, it can make an entire group of people feel they are very, very special, and this can encourage a certain sense of spiritual pride. They can build a certain sense of idolatry of the leader, of the movement, and many other things that are not constructive.

So, it is important to have some contact with people who are not spiritual, just as a frame of reference. Of course, when you deal with what we have told you in this conference, especially the desire to feel special, then it becomes easier to interact with other people.

This doesn’t mean that you need to partake in any kind of social interaction. There is no reason to go to a club and dance to rock music and drink alcohol in order to be social. You can have another social interaction, like this messenger who has participated in social events all of his life without drinking alcohol.

And you can still talk to people about what they talk about, and you don’t have an intention with the outer mind that you should change them or convert them, but you are neutral, and you are attuned, and once in a while you may receive some impulse from your higher self that you can express as an idea that either helps people or challenges some of their beliefs. It is not that you have to convert them, but you just plant a seed. You give them some idea that maybe over time they can process, and it helps shift their awareness.


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