How to help children with mental problems

Question:  What can we do regarding children with depression, children who are suicidal and the issues in America with school shootings? 

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Albuquerque (USA) in 2018.

Well obviously my previous answer on changing education so children are taught how to deal with their psyches is part of the answer to this. But what you can do on a more personal, immediate basis is of course, to make the calls for these children. Mental illness is very much related to demon possession or influence from dark forces on people’s psychology. So you can make the calls for them to be protected, to be cut free. When it isn’t people you know, you can make the calls for all children to be protected.

Naturally, what makes them vulnerable to this influence from dark forces is that they have some unresolved psychology, they have some trauma, they have some beliefs; they have some separate selves. So until they resolve that, obviously they aren’t going to be completely free from it but you can still help them by making the calls. If it is, for example, your own children, you can make the calls for them throughout their childhood until they get old enough where they can start working on their psychology. You can of course help them by talking about this, by sharing how you are working on your psychology so that they see this.

You are demonstrating the path to them but on a broader level you can make the calls. You can even make the calls for the binding of the demons and the entities behind these school shootings. Naturally this is not something that happens in the mind of an individual person; there are dark forces deliberately creating this phenomena. The topic of school shootings is a little more complex because it ties in with the entire debate around guns in America and the attitude Americans have to guns but I do not wish to go into that here as it is something we may comment on later.


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