How to heal sexual trauma 

Question: The masters have released not so many teachings about sexual energy and sexual traumas, whereas this is one of the most difficult topics for people. Can you tell us more about the causes of sexual desires and arousal, how to deal with them and how to heal sexual traumas? In my experience, it is the multiple sexual injuries that create lust. How to transcend lust?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Increasing Your Christ Discernment.

Well, there is really no difference between a sexual trauma and other kinds of traumas, it is just a matter of what causes it, but the process that takes place in your four lower bodies is very similar. If you are exposed to violence, whether it be of a sexual nature or not, it creates a certain trauma, and that is why all of the teachings we have given on healing your spiritual traumas and the other books in the series are applicable to dealing with sexual traumas.

Sexual trauma does not actually create lust. Lust is created by entities in the emotional realm that invade your energy field. But it is, of course, the traumas that make your emotional body open to being invaded by these entities and demons. Again, invoking spiritual protection, cutting yourself free by giving calls to Astrea, are valuable tools, but ultimately you need to resolve the trauma and the belief behind it that makes you susceptible to it.

It is not, of course, only traumas or lust that create the sexual desire. It is also a natural functioning of the body, and even a legitimate desire to experience one of the activities you can experience on earth. As long as your sexual desires are balanced, as we have said several times, there is not anything inherently unspiritual about it. It is simply something you do, as one of the activities you do on earth, without making any kind of epic battle out of it. Unfortunately, the fallen beings, through various spiritual and religious movements, have tried to make sex into an epic battle, where there is something you need to fight in order to grow spiritually, and this is not something we support or encourage.


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