About the obsessive-compulsive attachment to the previous teaching

Question: I have a great frustration in my life. The Masters tell me that we can change gender from life to life. This is according to the truth given through the messenger, Johanne Agerskov in Towards the Light, 1920. Towards the Light is the only message to mankind that is approved by God. If we are changing gender, this will cause enormous pain, and it is normally not allowed. Why do the Masters tell us different truths?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology.

Well, we generally do not comment on specific teachings. And one of the reasons is that we prefer to have people exercise their own discernment. Another reason is that if you look at many, many countries on earth, you will see that in most countries, there is one, or maybe a few people who, especially back in the late 1800s, or 1900s, claim to have received some kind of message from a higher realm.

You will see that this was a period where spiritualism was quite common in many countries, there was a growing spiritual awareness, but it was still at a lower level than it is today. There were some people who were able to tune in, in many cases they tuned in to the mental realm and they brought forth a teaching. In many cases, you will actually see that this teaching makes some kind of claim to have some kind of authority. And this was done, of course, in order to attract people who especially at that time, needed that sense of authority for a teaching.

Now, if you look at this specific claim that this teaching is the only teaching approved by God, then I will comment on that claim, because this is not a claim that will come from God, or from the ascended masters. God, of course, is while not technically part of the ascended masters, certainly, the ascended masters are in alignment with God, because we form this hierarchical pyramidal structure where the Creator is at the top of the pyramid. Everything we do is of course in alignment with it.

The very concept that there is only one teaching that is approved by God is not realistic. This is not something the ascended masters would ever say. We realize that there are many different evolutions on earth, many different groups of people from many different backgrounds, and they need different teachings. We would not say this, there may be some times where a messenger can distort this in his or her mind and make some kind of elaborate claim to some ultimate thing, but it is not something we say. You can evaluate the teaching based on this.

What I want to point out here is that we do see a certain amount of students that find an ascended master teaching, and they have studied a spiritual teaching or several spiritual teachings before finding the ascended master teaching. In a sense, this applies to all of you. But there are some students that have become very attached to the previous teaching. They have, to use the terminology we have used during this webinar, they have gone into an ideological mindset about this particular teaching.

When they come to an ascended master teaching, they sense that it is part of their growth, it is part of their divine plan to find the ascended master teaching, but in their outer minds they are seeking for the ascended master teaching to validate the previous teaching. They are obsessed with getting, they are compulsive about getting this validation from the ascended masters. And that is why they are greatly disturbed and frustrated when there is a discrepancy between the previous teaching and the teachings of the ascended masters. This can also happen to students who see a discrepancy between one ascended master dispensation and a previous or later ascended master dispensation.

The reality here, as we have explained many times now, is that you are not as a spiritual being male or female, you were not created male or female, and you are fully capable of switching between male and female bodies in different embodiments. We have explained previously at this conference that there are some people who have become so identified with a particular sex, that it can be difficult or painful for them to switch. But they are sometimes forcing themselves to do it precisely in order to move on.

The teaching that it can only be a great disturbance and a great pain, to switch sex in different embodiments simply does not apply to the vast majority of people. The vast majority of people do not find it particularly difficult to switch, it may take some adjustment.  But it is not that it creates enormous trauma and enormous frustration for them.

What you can do, when you experience this kind of frustration, or what you see as a discrepancy or contradiction between different teachings is that you can recognize that whenever there is frustration, the frustration does not come from you and it certainly does not come from the other teaching. It comes from a separate self.

The question simply is, are you willing to look at that separate self, until you separate yourself from it and let it die? Are you willing to look at a previous teaching and whether you have become attached to it, obsessive compulsive about it? Are you willing to consider that it might actually be part of your divine plan to find the ascended master teachings, because this is the teaching that can take you to a higher level of your spiritual growth, and in order to get to that higher level, you have to be willing to let go of the old teaching and embrace the new, and if you do not let go of the old teaching, it will hold back your growth, perhaps for the rest of this embodiment.

Are you willing to consider these questions, look in the mirror, assess where you are at and what is the best for your own growth. I am not here telling you what to do, I am just telling you what you can do. First of all, recognize that whenever there is a frustration, it can only come from a separate self because the conscious you does not feel frustrated, your I Am Presence does not feel frustrated.


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