How to free yourself from the collective consciousness of your nation 

Question: When I read the ascended masters dictations on Russia and the USSR, I feel a strong protest and feel like it is not true. I used to be a great patriot of my country and considered it the best one. Now I realize that this reaction demonstrates my connection with the downward energy vortexes associated with the patriotism and greatness of my country. How can I set myself free from these vortexes? What spiritual tools should I use? How can I change my view on it and turn the dial on my consciousness to a higher vision?

Answer from Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar for Russia – Overcoming the Consciousness of Superiority and the Sense of Being Un-whole, Traumatized and Focused Outside Oneself.

Well, what I’m getting is that Mother Mary and Saint Germain have addressed this very issue and so you can take those dictations, and of course you can use the tools for resolving the traumas, the separate selves. Because when we grow up, no matter where we grow up, whatever country it is, there’s always a certain collective consciousness.

We take on, from the collective self, we take on the personal self that we internalize, and then to free ourselves from it we need to, of course, come to a point where we realize that this self just has to die.

I mean, it’s not a matter of saying that the Russians’ consciousness is worse or better than other countries. It’s not a matter of resolving a certain issue that’s important—every country has certain issues that’s important to them. It’s not a matter of resolving it. It’s a matter of us realizing we’re spiritual people and we need to free ourselves from it.

Gautama Buddha said 2,500 years ago, he talks about the Dharma, the Dharma is what you have to accomplish in this life in order to be free. So he said, moving away from your home country is accomplishing half the Dharma. In other words, the change that you have to go through in your consciousness in this lifetime, a lot of it can be accomplished by moving from your home country.

Now I’m not saying that everybody has to move from their home country. But I can say for myself that growing up in Denmark, there was a lot of things I didn’t see in Danish mentality that you just take them on, because that’s how everybody is.

When I moved to the United States, all of a sudden, they were gradually challenged, because things were different over there. I’m not saying they were better or worse, doesn’t matter. They were just different. So by living there, and later living in Estonia and Sweden, and now back to Denmark, I’ve come to see how much of this national mindset we take on without realizing it.

That’s helped me free myself from at least some of it. It really can be a great help to look at: “How do people outside of my country look at some of these issues?” Then we get a different perspective and suddenly we realize that, in one country we think that there’s a certain aspect of life that’s just so important. But a different country far away, it’s not important at all to them. So then we realize, but maybe, maybe it isn’t as important as I was brought up to think it is, and that makes it easier to let go of it.

It’s amazing, I have met many, many people on the spiritual path who are from many different countries and it’s really amazing how every country has its own set of beliefs and attitudes that are holding people back on the spiritual path and also from feeling at peace.

Julita and I often talk about it, because she being from Poland, after she moved from Poland, she has gone through this process of seeing things in Polish mentality and freeing herself from them that she never realized before, just like I didn’t see the Danish mentality until I moved.

But you can of course, do this by reading about it, by interacting with people from other countries, just realizing there’s a different way to look at things. It’s not a matter of saying whether it’s better or worse, it doesn’t matter. It’s just when you realize there’s a different way to look at it, all of a sudden you’re not as trapped in it anymore, in this mindset and it becomes easier for you to look at it, process it, and then you can make a decision: “Do I want to keep this or do I want to let it go? Does it limit me? Will it actually be better for me to let it go?”


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