How to free yourself from the trauma of childhood sexual abuse

Question: Is incest worse than an adult sexually abusing a child he or she is not related to? What can survivors of sexual abuse do to transcend the sense of unforgiveness, the sense of resentment, the self-hate, the sense that it is the worst thing that could happen to a person?

 Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Increasing Your Christ Discernment.

Well, it depends on what you mean with: “Is it worse?” You could say that, from a certain perspective, it is not worse, because both are acts of violence. And any act of violence is a violation of the free will of the child.

But of course, there is a psychological aspect in that if you are violated by a person you trusted, then this can create a deeper psychological trauma. Again, I know that we sometimes sound repetitive on this, and I do not want you to get the impression that we are insensitive to people’s suffering, but whether you have been sexually assaulted by a family member or a stranger, this has created trauma. And as with all traumas, the effective way to heal them is to use the tools that we have given. This is not to say that you could not also benefit from various forms of therapy that are available today. I am not saying that you should exclusively use our teachings and tools, but you certainly can use the tools for healing spiritual traumas to deal with this issue as well.

You need to come to this point where you start looking at the fact that the trauma forced you to create certain selves. And these selves are very often based on certain patterns that are set up in this world, often defined by the fallen beings. They have defined some very subtle selves about feeling angry with those who have violated you, feeling resentment towards them, and even feeling hatred towards yourself for allowing this, because then it has been projected into your mind that even though you were a child at the time, you should have been able to resist this.

You need to recognize that these are collective entities created by the fallen beings that can enter your mind when you have been exposed to trauma, and set up this negative spiral that makes it very difficult for you to leave the trauma behind. And you need to recognize this, and determine that you are not going to allow the fallen beings to get away with this. You are not going to allow them to first expose you to this trauma, and then cause you to go into a reactionary pattern that means you cannot leave the trauma behind.

You have to look for these separate selves, but you also have to make certain conscious decisions, that you will not resent those who violated you, that you will not hate yourself, you will not feel you should have done differently than you did. Because if you could have done differently than you did at the time, you would have done so.

You need to have the willingness to resolve the selves, but you also need to have a certain willingness to make these firm decisions that you will forgive those who violated you, and you will forgive yourself for your own reaction to it — both when it happened and afterwards. You will forgive, you will let go, you will let the selves die and you will move on. Because as Jesus just said: “There is nothing that could happen to you from earth that you cannot overcome, if you are willing to stop identifying yourself with it and return to the sense of being pure awareness coming from the spiritual realm into embodiment on earth.”


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