How to free yourself from being overwhelmed by other people’s suffering 

Question: I have a very developed sensitivity and I feel the suffering and pain of people as if I am experiencing it myself. I often feel that I am an open door to unconditional love but I am also actually an open door to the suffering and pain that I am always connected to. It feels like I am all soaked up in this suffering and I cannot feel good knowing how other people are suffering. I feel like it has been going on since my very first incarnations, and I still cannot relate to it. I wonder how can one be sensitive but not suffer while being incarnated here? In addition, I am very focused on expressing myself, life, light, health, service outside. I like it, but almost all my attention is focused on what I can do and bring, and on the people around me, on my psychology of course too. Without it my life becomes empty and meaningless. It seems to me that these two states are connected, and I cannot quite distinguish what comes from the I AM Presence and what comes from separate selves.

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Increasing Your Christ Discernment.

Well, my beloved, there are avatars who have come to this earth, often having already some compassion for the suffering of the people on earth, wanting to help alleviate that suffering. Then when you come into your embodiment, one of your first embodiments, and are exposed to a very severe trauma that gives birth to your primal self, your emotional body is opened completely to the suffering of other people. You are so overwhelmed by this suffering, that it becomes the dominant aspect of your primal self.

You almost we might say, retreat from being in embodiment, and decide that you do not want to be here, you did not come here to express yourself or experience anything on earth, you only came here to help the suffering of other people and therefore this is the only thing that matters. Whereas you yourself and whatever goals you might have, or your I AM Presence might have with you being here, do not matter and you have to suppress your creativity and the expression of your light.

Now, it is very, very important to recognize that such a condition is because you have holes in your emotional body that ties you into these collective vortexes of suffering. You are not really helping alleviate the suffering of this planet by allowing yourself to be overpowered by this. So you can start by making calls for the protection of your emotional body, for Astrea to cut you free from ties to the collective body, to the astral plane.

But in the longer run, you need to uncover the selves, you need to uncover the decision that caused you to open your emotional body and think that you had to do this. You also need to deal with the fact that there will be some projections, or even some separate selves that say that it is selfish of you to close off your sensitivity to other people. But as Jesus just explained, it is not selfish to not allow yourself to be pulled down by other people’s emotions. And if you come to a point where you cannot enjoy life, and you cannot express yourself in a positive way, this is not benefiting the planet. This is not benefiting the collective consciousness.

So you need to use the tools we have given you to resolve these selves, to resolve the birth trauma, the primal self, and get to a point where you can have a positive attitude to being on earth. You can realize, as Jesus also said, but in a slightly different shading, that free will must be allowed to outplay itself. People have used their free will to create their current suffering. You are not in control of people’s free will and therefore there is no reason for you to suspend your own free choices in order to feel the suffering of other people. You have a right to simply raise yourself above other people’s suffering and come to the point where you can be on this planet without suffering personally. But you can also be on this planet and express the light, the individuality, the creativity that flows from your I AM Presence. Ultimately, it is expressing this creativity that will raise the collective consciousness and improve conditions on the planet.

You are not alleviating people’s misery by allowing yourself to be feeling and being overwhelmed by their misery. I know that misery wants company but this does not alleviate the misery. So again, if you allow yourself to feel this and shut off your creativity, you are part of the problem, you are not part of the solution. You came here because you wanted to be part of the solution so you need to reconnect to that original drive, you need to reconnect to the driver, your I AM Presence, to express something creative and positive on this planet.


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