How to find a balanced approach to selfless service

Question: I came to see this one outer self in my psychology, which was indeed very subtle, namely that I submitted my free will myself to service. The question I had in my mind was always: “How can I best serve the world?” Rather than: “What do I enjoy to bring forth?” It was passive and submissive, a very unbalanced way of service. I think many of the spiritual people probably have this outer self. Can the ascended masters give some advice on how to best deal with this outer self?

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Increasing Your Christ Discernment.

Well, anything can become unbalanced. And it is of course, the characteristic of the ego, and even the fallen beings seeking to influence you, that they want to take every progress you make on the path and distort it by making you unbalanced in your approach to it. There is, of course, a stage on the path — the lower stages — where you are completely focused on yourself, you are very self-centered, looking at only your own self-interest, seeing yourself as separated from others, and always, as the saying goes, looking out for number one, meaning looking out for yourself.

There comes a point on the path where you begin to overcome this, and now it is natural that you focus on how you can serve others. But of course, any quality can become unbalanced on a planet like earth, and you can indeed, as you correctly express, create this self that suppresses your natural creative drive.

Now in many cases, this self is not existing alone. It is actually supported by other selves, because you can have certain selves that were created in distant past lifetimes where you were very self-centered and focused, and so you created certain selves that are based on the belief that selfishness is wrong, selfishness must be avoided, and therefore, you should avoid focusing on yourself, and you should focus on doing something for others. In fact, the Christian religion, by raising this ideal of service, selfless service, has contributed to this process where many people, spiritual and religious people, feel that they should serve, and that in order to serve others they need to suppress any kind of desires for expression or experiences that they have themselves.

There are also ascended master students who have felt this way, and who therefore have become unbalanced in doing what they conceived to be a service. This messenger himself, in his early years in the Summit Lighthouse, spent so much time doing decrees that he neglected other aspects of life, and as he realized at a certain point, he even used the decrees, and a desire to decree to improve the world, as an excuse for not looking at his psychology. He started looking at his psychology, and by resolving the psychology, he eventually rose to a level where he could begin to give truly selfless service. But of course, even as a messenger for the ascended masters, you can become so unbalanced that you think you have to focus all of your energy, time and attention on just doing the work, whereas you never allow yourself to relax or enjoy other activities.

This is of course something that applies to students as well, and we have attempted to give many, many teachings that talk about the need for balance, so that you find a personal balance where you, first of all, recognize there may be certain experiences that you have decided to have on earth, and you may not have entirely finished having those experiences. Then it is legitimate to participate in those experiences, so that you can come to a point where you feel you have had enough of it. You are also given teachings about how to avoid that this becomes a downward spiral, where you never have enough.

There is, of course, also the issue of creative expression, where your I AM Presence can have certain legitimate desires to express something on this planet, and it is correct that many people have used the ideal of selfless service to deny the I AM Presence  the ability to be the open door. Basically, how can you come to a point where you find more balance? Well, again, only by looking at these selves, looking at the belief that causes you to have an unbalanced view of what selfless service is. Selfless service really does not mean that you focus on other people. This is sort of the beginning stages of selfless service. You think you have set aside your own desires and focus on other people, but this can also be the ego that has a desire. Many Christians have this desire to prove that they are selfless people by serving others. But it is, of course, a desire that springs from the ego, and therefore does not help raise their consciousness.

What you need to realize is that truly selfless service means that you overcome the outer self, and these separate selves that pull you into unbalanced reactions. That way, you can come to a point where you will, number one, recognize: “I have certain desires for certain experiences on earth, and I need to have those experiences.” And you also recognize that: “My I AM Presence wants to express certain creative expressions through me, and I need to make time and attention for this in my life. Therefore, I need to find a balance where my service still allows time and attention for these other aspects of my divine plan and my spiritual growth.” This is a decision to make, partly a conscious decision, but you cannot fully make that decision until you resolve these selves that pull you into this unbalanced reaction.


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