How to experience presence of ascended masters without filters

Question: This question is about the conscious you. I know that the conscious you does not have emotions and it experiences filtered emotions through the emotional body. Do we also experience such emotions as joy in the spiritual realm, or complete peace in oneness with the ascended masters through filters? Or does it work in a different way?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Korea in 2019.

There’s a difference in the sense that in your normal state of consciousness, the conscious you has its attention directed outwards, towards the world and therefore, the selves that are related to the world and how you deal with situations in the world are activated and therefore you see the world through those filters.

Now, in your normal waking awareness, it is quite common that even ascended master students will read our teachings, especially when they are more intellectually inclined through the filters of their separate selves. We have talked about how there has been a certain attitude or certain dysfunction that happened in previous dispensations and this is because people looked at our teachings through their separate selves. Then they projected the needs or the ideas, the beliefs of those separate selves upon our teaching, only seeing what seemed to validate the beliefs of the separate self, instead of actually seeing the teaching as it is.

However, we have also said that the conscious you is capable of stepping outside of your four lower bodies. So when you have what we call a mystical experience, where the conscious you is able to step outside of the four lower bodies, then it is possible that you can experience the ascended realm or the presence of ascended masters and it’s not happening through your normal filters.

However, what can often happen, and what most often happens to people is that when they then come back into their normal state of awareness, they look back at their experience, and now they start to interpret the experience through their filters. You will see, for example, that there are Christian fundamentalists, who have had a genuine experience of stepping outside of their four lower bodies and experiencing some higher presence. But then when they come back into their normal state of consciousness, they interpret this to mean that their experience validated their Christian beliefs.

But a mystical experience is beyond normal beliefs. That’s why it is a mystical experience, or why it is called a mystical experience. So it does not validate particular beliefs. Now, you could say that, when a messenger takes a dictation, he steps outside of his normal state of consciousness, and he is in a neutral state of mind. So he is not projecting anything on us and what we should say what we shouldn’t say. But as he has talked about before, he realizes that there is a certain very deep, often subconscious influence where the way he uses language will affect the dictation coming through him, as it will do with any messenger.

There can also be a certain overlay where the messenger has certain beliefs that are held very strongly, or that he or she is not willing to question and therefore we cannot give a message that would contradict what the messenger believes. This has been an issue with several previous messengers, who had, for example, a very strong cultural bias from the United States. And there were certain teachings we couldn’t give, that we have, for example, given through this messenger, who is more neutral about the United States.

But it’s clear that if we had a messenger, for example, who had grown up in another culture, then that messenger would use words differently, would have different concepts and therefore, in some sense, we could potentially give more teachings through that messenger but then again, depending on the culture, that could also be a limitation.

And so what you need to do again is realize that the more you resolve your psychology, these separate selves, the easier it will be for the conscious you to step outside of your normal state of awareness. And the more you formulate this conscious intention to experience our presence as it is, and not have it validate certain beliefs or desires, the more likely you are to be able to step outside and have a genuine experience.


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