How to evaluate if a person is suited for holding public office

Question: We may soon have a new Supreme Court justice who has been accused by three women of sexual misconduct while under the influence of alcohol when he was a youth. So my question has to do with Christ consciousness and forgiveness. On one hand I can see if I were in that position that because this is the highest judicial position in the land, it would be my obligation to bring up some issues of past conduct that might impact on this judge’s decision that could reach for generations. On the other hand my Christ discernment might tell me this misconduct happened in the past, if it did or not, my position should be one of forgiveness and letting go. So I’m trying to determine what would a woman do in this position with Christ consciousness. What is our obligation to the whole and when is it right to just forgive and to let it go?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Albuquerque (USA) in 2018.

An important question, my beloved. The evaluation that you need to make is not a matter of forgiving somebody for what they did in the past, it’s a matter of evaluating – as we have said many times – the person did what he or she did because the person was in a certain state of consciousness.

Has the person now transcended that state of consciousness? In that case it is not really a matter of forgiveness – it is matter of accepting that person has moved on, the person is no longer the same person that did this. But if the person has not done this, then it isn’t really a matter of forgiving either. It is a matter of accepting that person is unsuited for holding office.

You have to recognize that in the present situation in America – and this ties in with my previous answer that people have been brought up to have no purpose, to have no sense of long term consequences and they don’t have a spiritual path to follow. So in the present situation in America, you have to accept a simple fact; if you were to only elect people to public office who had never done anything stupid in the past then the Senate and Congress and the White House would be empty (laughter).

This is just a reality and that is why you have to look at what we have told you about yourselves – not to condemn yourself for what you have done in the past but to be willing to look at yourself and rise above that state of consciousness. But of course you don’t have that awareness as common awareness in the United States so you don’t have a culture where people are looking at their past mistakes and seeking to rise above their consciousness.

What you instead have is that you have many people who want to hide their past mistakes, as you have seen with the whole issue of Hollywood directors. They want to hide it and then when they start coming into the public eye they want to continue to hide it and if they can’t hide it, as it is becoming more and more difficult now for some of these people, they want to create the impression that they have changed, that this is behind them.

Talking the talk does not qualify you to one of the highest offices in the land but as you can clearly see, both in this last election and other elections; it doesn’t prevent you from being elected to a certain office. So this is one of the dilemmas facing the American nation right now. It really can only be resolved by raising Christ discernment – and this of course is not something that will help you with the selection of this latest supreme court judge or with the mid-term election because you cannot expect the majority of the American people to make this leap – but just for yourselves, you can train yourself to look at a person, to look beyond the outer appearance and you can come to read the vibration of the person.

Has the person actually put that state of consciousness behind him or her that caused these violations in the past? – you can read that as a vibration. If that is the case then of course the person should not be prevented from holding an office because what actually helps people serve well in a public office is that they have been like normal human beings and they know what normal human beings are going through and therefore they can relate to the people.

You have the old system of a ruling elite, that was born into an elite position and has never been among the normal people and of course they wouldn’t be able to run a democratic nation in an ideal way. So you cannot apply this as you sometimes see the Christians in America of this very black and white judgement, that anybody who has done any transgression in the past should automatically be excluded from office. The irony of course is how many Christian ministers have been exposed as having done inappropriate things – not just Catholic ministers but look at some of the high profile Protestant ministers that have also been exposed in having engaged in inappropriate sexual behaviour or other forms of inappropriate behaviour.

For that matter, any Christian minister who has created a church and enriched himself to become a millionaire is engaged in inappropriate behaviour. You can look at some of the leaders of these mega churches and see that this is not at all what Jesus admonished his disciples to do, so in a bigger picture, there’s no solution here short term. The only solution is again, you do what you can do to increase your Christ discernment and pull up on the collective consciousness. There will of course come a point where the process for electing someone to one of these higher offices will be very, very different because it will be exercised by people who have genuine Christ discernment.

What you have now in these election committees is that you have people who, most of them, have also engaged in some form of inappropriate conduct and they of course are seeking to hide that while trying to expose it in someone else – so you are talking about a bunch of hypocrites who, in many cases are evaluating another hypocrite who is seeking to hide his behaviour. There’s no short term solution to that but there is a long term solution in the raising of consciousness but it will not come from above – you cannot expect the leaders to do this. It has to be a raising of the collective where enough people, the critical mass that we are always talking about, demand a higher form of leadership than this. At the same time, they not only demand it, they have the Christ discernment to evaluate when they get it and when they don’t get it.


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