How to do birth trauma exercise

Question: I have done three birth trauma exercises using Mother Mary’s guided meditation. In one of these I saw violence against myself and I followed it up with the appropriate calls. However, over the subsequent hours for about a day, I experienced anxiety. In the second exercise I didn’t see anything clearly but my body felt a physical hit to the midsection. It was definitely a subconscious physical reaction. I thought I was okay until the next morning when I woke up with much greater anxiety than before. It was enough fear that I decided to take anti-anxiety medication. The third session resulted in another vision of violence but with less anxiety afterward and no medication. I recorded in writing all that I saw and felt in these sessions. I have done the calls and pondered what I saw for weeks. Now I am noticing that I am putting off having other sessions. I sense that I haven’t seen the whole birth trauma and I am afraid that the worst is yet to come. Still I would like to know if I am on the right path here. Is the fear part of the process or am I doing something wrong?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Estonia in 2018.

You are not doing something wrong but you can of course try to refine the process. First of all, if you have very strong symptoms like this, I would recommend that you give some decrees and invocations. I know you say you have done this but nevertheless continue doing this until you do another session so that you can resolve some of the energy. If people are relatively new to the path, haven’t been decreeing for as long or giving invocations for as long then they should be a little more careful.

If they have a strong symptom like this, then step back. Don’t do the exercise but do some more invocations to transform the energy.

You haven’t seen the birth trauma because, if you did, you would have a clearer sense that this is a separate self that was created as a result of it.

The way you describe your experience is that you have connected to certain dramatic events and a certain pain but you haven’t gotten to a point where you have seen this as a separate self. This can be partly because you haven’t resolved the energies but it can also be because you need to more carefully study the instructions and then focus on seeing the separate self that was created as a result of your birth trauma. It isn’t enough to connect to a situation; you need to actually come to see it as a separate self.

In situations like this I recommend that first you step back a little bit, give more invocations and decrees but then you do perform other sessions. Don’t do them one after the other but take some time in between and you can gradually work your way into having a clearer and clearer vision. Between the sessions give invocations and decrees to transform the energy. You will, as you also explained, experience a lesser and lesser intensity which also will make your vision clearer.

You also need to recognise that sometimes it isn’t necessary for you to see the birth trauma. What is necessary is to see the separate self and the belief that you formulated in order to deal with it because that is what is limiting you. You have to understand that we have to give a general tool. People can, of course, have individual reactions to it. Some people will come to see their birth trauma very clearly. Others will have a less clear vision of what actually happened but will still be able to uncover the self that was created as a result of it.

There is always a risk in anything we ascended masters do and by describing in the My Lives book this very traumatic incident in the protagonist’s first embodiment, we can of course, give the impression that this is the way it is for everybody and that it will be overwhelmingly painful. Of course, people have had individual experiences and so you need to be open to that. You also need to be open to the fact that some people may have a very clear visual impression whereas other people will not have the same visual or the same emotional reaction.


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