How to discover your divine plan

Question: What can I do for the masters and for my country, Zimbabwe and Africa as a whole? Your word is my command, I live to serve, my life is yours.

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

Well, what you can do as an individual is, of course, walk the spiritual path, raise your consciousness as much as possible, so that you can tune in to the goals that you defined in your Divine plan before you came into this embodiment in Africa. You understand here that you made a Divine plan, which you are meant to discover gradually. It would not be constructive, as we have said before, if the ascended masters or some spiritual teacher in embodiment or some psychic told you: this is your Divine plan, this is what you are meant to do. It needs to come to you from within through an intuitive revelation or insight. It also is part of your Divine plan that you need to make certain decisions.

Now, just to speak generally here, when we look back at, especially previous ascended master dispensations, we see that many people found an ascended master teaching, became very enthusiastic about that teaching. Even this messenger went through this when he found his first ascended master teaching. And they became so on fire, as we might say, for saving the world for Saint Germain, that they wanted to go out there and do decisive deeds to save the world as quickly as possible. And what happens to some of these people is that they throw themselves at the spiritual path in an unbalanced way that they cannot maintain over time. They come to a point where they, so to speak, crash and burn.

What we are looking for is that our students, especially in this dispensation, take a more balanced approach, where you focus on healing your psychology, walking up through the seven rays of the path to self mastery, using the books on healing your traumas, to go beyond this, and then you follow your own intuitive promptings.They are, as we said, many people who have chosen to embody in these less developed nations, whether in Africa or elsewhere, who have a spiritual attainment and a spiritual potential, which means they can do something.

But you need to discover what that is from within. The fact that you are asking from an external source shows that you have not yet directed your attention within, and not yet made the effort to come to the point where you can trust your intuition, and you can receive that intuitive guidance that shows you your divine plan. Now, be aware here that we fully understand that students can sometimes have this enthusiasm. We are not trying to discourage you from being enthusiastic, but we are trying to say, even in your enthusiasm, be balanced.

Your Divine Plan will not be revealed to you in its fullness at any one time. What you will get intuitively is the next step in your divine plan. Then you take that, you work on your psychology again, and then you can receive a higher vision, and it can go that way gradually.

This messenger has never had a clear view of his Divine plan and what will happen for the rest of his life. But it has been many years ago that he decided that he didn’t even want this, that he was content to take the next step, then see the next step and take that and then move forward that way. One of the reasons he has been able to exceed the service that was defined in his Divine plan is precisely because he has taken this attitude. He has never demanded from the ascended masters that we should reveal certain things to him or give him certain guarantees.

We have had examples of students who have been able to work with us in some capacity, even some who have been messengers, and who have all of a sudden decided to make demands, to get some kind of guarantee, to be told what their Divine plan is. This will then cut you off from working with us, we simply cannot work with people in this mindset. You need to be willing to flow with the river of life, taking one step at a time as you see it, and not even being concerned about what happens after that step.


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