How to develop discernment and intuition

Question: This is a personal question for Kim. Considering intuition, what tips or techniques can you share about reading the vibration of people/things/ideas? How do we attune to this and make it better?

Answer from Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

Well, that is a tough question because there is no mechanical way to develop discernment or intuition. It comes from two things mainly: resolution of psychology, where you resolve some separate selves that block your intuition, and then also striving to be in a neutral state of mind. But those two are, of course, very much connected. You cannot be neutral if you have a separate self that pulls you into looking at things a certain way.

What you can do is work on your psychology, use the tools the masters have given, but you can also be aware that the only way to really have attunement and to increase your intuition is to be completely neutral. With that I mean you are open to whatever comes to you. You are not having some process in your outer mind, especially in the emotional or in the mental mind, that wants a certain answer.

If you have the slightest kind of that overlay of wanting a certain answer, a certain result, then you are not neutral, and then your intuition will not be accurate. Your discernment will not really be discernment.

You can have people, and I have met people who claimed that they had gone through a certain process of discernment, but it was clear to me that they had a certain overlay. Many of them wanted to see a certain result. As a result, they believed that their intuition had told them what they wanted to hear. They were convinced that the result was the result of their intuition and their discernment, but I would say it was the result of a particular overlay where they wanted a particular result.

When I was younger, I also can see today that I had a certain overlay. There were certain things that I wanted to hear, or there were certain teachings I was not ready to question, and then my intuition was not as good as it could be. So it is important to keep that in mind.

So many people in the world, many spiritual people, they go to astrologers, they go to psychics, they get a reading of this and a reading of that. It is because they want validation that either they are special or they are important or what they are doing is right and they should continue to do it. So if you want validation of an already held belief, you are not open to intuition. You are basically saying to your intuition: “Leave me alone. I do not want the truth. I want validation of what I already believe.”  That is not discernment.

Discernment is you are being completely neutral. You have no preconceived opinions about this or that. I can see that sometimes I have. Let me give you a concrete example.

Many, many years ago, I had just heard about the ascended masters’ teachings in the Summit Lighthouse, and I had intuitively sensed that there was something there for me. Then I met a person who was also in the Summit Lighthouse, but she was also a follower of Sai Baba. At the time I had heard nothing about Sai Baba. I did not know anything about him, never ever heard of him. But one day, she pulled me into a room where she was doing her decrees, and then she took this picture and stuck it out in front of me and said: “Oh, this is Baba.” She expected that I would have some kind of reaction to him: “Oh, he must be a spiritual master or something.” That was what she wanted.

But I was completely neutral. I had no idea who this person was. I just took one look at the picture, and I almost felt like physically my whole body and my four lower bodies withdrew from him because I sensed such a darkness from this picture. As I said, I was just neutral. I was just open. I had no sense that he should be or he should not be. I did not care. I did not have a preconceived answer I wanted. So that was a very accurate intuition, and I have had that many other times.

Sometimes I can pick up a book, and I can just sense whether this book has a higher vibration or a lower vibration. Other times I could have a certain preconceived opinion about a certain author, and then I could not get an accurate reading of it. Then I would go into evaluating with my outer mind. And you can evaluate, you can have a certain evaluation, with the outer mind. You can apply certain logical, rational things and say: “Does this really make sense? Does this really sound true?” You can say, for example: “Is it true that a person claims to be God in embodiment? Does this really make sense?”

But if you want just an accurate intuitive reading, you have to be neutral. Then if you are neutral, you will get it, and it will not be in words, you know. It will just be a sensation. It was like this with Sai Baba, his picture there. It was not that any words came to me: “He is a false teacher.” It was just a sense of wanting to withdraw even from the picture, not even wanting to look at the picture, not wanting to take in his energy, his vibration.


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