How to deal with unwanted half sibling 

Question: I have a question for beloved Mother Mary. I have endured psychological pressure from my mother for a very long time. She forces me to communicate with her child from her second marriage, calling this person my sister. I have 14 years difference in age with this person. The presence of this person creates nervous pressure and annoyance inside me, but my mother is not satisfied with this statement. She takes offense at me because of this, and for this reason, our relationship is getting worse. She believes that I myself have chosen this family and this sister, and I simply must somehow find a common language with this sister. It turns out that if I fulfill her conditions, then she will be satisfied and will love me, but I cannot do this. I would like to improve relations with my mother, but at the same time not enter into a relationship with the sister with whom I would prefer to have separate ways. Beloved Mother Mary, how can I get out of this situation? Can you give me a broader view of this situation?

 Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Being the Open Door for Planet Earth.

Well, let me first comment on this topic, because it is a common experience that you have parents that get divorced, or one parent dies, and the other parent remarries, or maybe both parents remarry, and suddenly you have children from previous marriages that are now part of your family. So, how do you deal with this situation, which can often be quite difficult? Now, have you chosen this situation? Well, not necessarily.

It could very well be that the parents did not have it as part of their divine plan that they would have this second relationship. They actually wanted to resolve the psychology they needed to resolve with their first spouse, and perhaps stay in that relationship longer but because that proved to be too difficult for them, they decided to run away from the original goal and get a divorce and remarry. It may be that you did not choose to have these people in your life, but as a result of the choices made by your parent. However, from a broader perspective, you did choose in the sense that you chose to come into embodiment with a parent who had the psychology it has, and therefore there was always the potential for divorce and another relationship.

You need to recognize that either way, it does not really matter, because you have chosen to be in the situation you are in, in this lifetime and you have done this because there was something you wanted to resolve in your psychology. And whatever the situation is, it is an opportunity for you to resolve something in your psychology.

Ask yourself this: Why do you have such a strong reaction to this sister? It is because there is something, some attachment, some separate self, some trauma, perhaps, that you have not resolved. What does this reaction mean to you? It means an opportunity to look at this and resolve it. I am not telling you that you should have a relationship with this sister. I am telling you that you should resolve your psychology until you come to a point where whether you do or do not have a relationship with this sister, it does not matter. You are not running away from it and you are not forcing yourself into it. You are non-attached to it.

Of course, you also have unresolved psychology with your mother, otherwise this would not be an issue. Again, I am encouraging you to work on that psychology. Look at why you chose this mother, what does it show that is unresolved in your psychology, then use our tools to resolve it, so that you can be at peace about your relationship with your mother and your sister. You can make a free choice that is not driven by this desire to run away or this feeling of obligation towards your mother. When you are free to choose, you can choose whatever you want. I have no desire to tell you what to choose but I want you to make a free choice, not the forced choice you are making now.


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