How to deal with the death of our loved ones 

Question: Can the masters give us a higher understanding of death, this incarnation. Why do we hurt so much when we lose a loved one? How are we supposed to react when we lose someone we love? Is to cry? How do we transcend all the negative feelings we feel when we lose a loved one.

Answer from the Ascended Master Mary  through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology

Well, this is of course, a difficult topic for most people. And it has a whole conglomerate of separate selves that are involved with this. So again, you need to use our teachings and tools on the separate selves to deal with this, whatever it is for you individually.

What can be said in general is that, the essence of this is that you feel a sense of ownership of another human being. You feel this is my loved one. And you have allowed yourself to come to feel that something in you, your sense of identity, your sense of wholeness, completeness, your sense of stability, your sense of security, depends on that other person.

But when you look at the reality of planet earth, you are an individual human being. Your loved one is an individual human being. The body of your loved one can die at any time, your body can die at any time. How can you ever really allow yourself to feel that you, your state of mind depends on something that could be lost at any time. It is not wise to allow oneself to feel this.

I know that saying this does not necessarily help you because you feel this way because you have separate selves from past lives that make you feel this way or that made you go into this state of codependency. But nevertheless, it is possible to use our teachings and tools to uncover these selves, to work on them and to let them die.

When you feel severe pain when a loved one dies, it is always self-focused. You are focused on yourself, not on the loved one. You might benefit from reading some of the many descriptions of near-death experiences where many people have described that dying is not an unpleasant process, they do not suffer, they go to a higher realm where they have a much better existence than they had on earth.

So really, you are not feeling sorry for your loved one, you are feeling sorry for yourself. Or rather, there is a self that feels sorry for itself. So you need to do the work to uncover the selves that creating all these feelings in you, and let them die one after another. And then you can be free of this pain, you can react in a way that is much more balanced.

It does not mean you can not cry over the loss. But there are different ways of crying. There is one way of crying, where there is a release of feelings and after the release, you feel lighter, you feel freer. There is also a kind of crying that ties in with the collective consciousness, the collective beasts and the demons behind them. And that simply sucks your energy into a downward spiral that makes you feel worse and worse and worse.

If you experience this kind of reaction, you need to be very determined to use our decrees of Archangel Michael and Astrea, to cut you free from these collective entities from these demons, this entire collective momentum that simply projects at you that you should feel sorrow, otherwise, you did not really love your loved one. But if your loved one has moved on to a better existence, why do you need to feel sorrow? You see, this is entirely illogical. There are certain selves that are very strong in the collective that you have taken on and you need to let them die in your own state of mind in order to be free of them.


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