How to deal with the pressure associated with spiritual work

Question: I usually sense when there is something bigger coming up in my psyche. I actually sense it long before it becomes very clear to my conscious mind and reveals itself. As soon as I sense something though, I find myself falling into the pattern that I start to over-analyze and constantly ask myself questions around the topic I sense. This self puts me under a kind of pressure that takes away my peace of mind, and I’m not able to trust and surrender completely in that moment, that it will come to me when I am ready. What beliefs are behind that self?

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Increasing Your Christ Discernment.

Again, there are individual conditions here. You can indeed have a self that drives you to always look at yourself and over-analyze. Many people have built this in past lives of analyzing themself, and it is, again, a control issue. There may very well be a self that causes you to create this pressure in your mind. And this is something you can then look at and use our tools to resolve it. But otherwise, there are many of you who can sense when something is coming up. You simply become aware of a certain issue, you might read something, you might hear something, or it might just come from within. And in that case, it is correct to use, to proceed asking yourself questions about it. But of course, what you need to do is avoid the pressure. And the pressure comes from an unresolved self.

You can come to that point where you feel something is coming up, you put your attention on it, you ask questions about it, but you are not over-analyzing, you are not putting pressure on yourself. In fact, what this messenger usually does in these situations, and it happens to him, of course, on a regular basis, is that he puts his attention on it, he asks certain questions, he considers the issue. But he does not do it in a in an obsessive way. He is not put putting pressure on himself. He thinks about it, and then he lets it go. He simply drops it, and he waits for some other impulse to come back to him. And he might look at it from a slightly different angle. And this may go on for some time before he has a more conscious awareness of what is going on, and looks at something in a more conscious way. Then he usually, after even doing this, lets it go again. And then after some time, and it could be days or even weeks, he may feel that release from within that shows that the issue has been resolved.


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