How to deal with the internal spirits and the separate selves

Question: We have to allow our internal spirits to die. How do they exit, how do they die and is there a vacuum created before we create another spirit?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Albuquerque (USA) in 2018.

An internal spirit is based on a decision that you made. That is what started the life of the spirit, so to speak. So once you see that decision and undo it, replacing it with a higher decision, the spirit dies – it’s gone. The essence of the spirit is gone. Now, of course, the spirit can have accumulated a certain amount of energy that was misqualified through the spirit and that needs to be dissolved. But in most cases you actually need to dissolve that energy before you can actually see the spirit. So normally you give the invocations and decrees and that dissolves the energy, then you can see the spirit and once you undo the decision, it’s simply dissolved as if it never existed.

Now at a lower level we have given you teachings about internal spirits and now we have given the higher teaching of the separate selves and there is a subtle difference here in the sense that the internal spirits do not quite have the same complexity and the same level of consciousness, you might say. Even though they are not self-aware, there is a certain consciousness imbued in them as the separate selves; the separate selves are more complex. So there can sometimes be an internal spirit that you let go of and there is a vacuum created. You create another spirit to compensate for it. Because the spirits are more created as a compensatory mechanism, as a reaction to conditions on earth, whereas the selves are also created in a reaction but they are more complex. So if you truly resolve a self, you don’t need to create another self because you have resolved that decision.

Now you may have other selves that were created after that self and those you will have to deal with. So many of you when you went through the initial birth trauma, you created the primal self which is one self. You can actually resolve that primal self but after you had created the primal self, you created other selves that are, in a way, offsprings of the primal self and if you have not resolved them then you need to then work on those selves and resolve them. But it’s not like you need to create a new self to fill a vacuum. But you need to look at whatever other selves are there and resolve them.

Question: When we deal with a separate self, I’ll just make it personal and I’ll assume it applies to everybody: When I deal with the separate self and I observe myself, I see a reaction in myself, I look at the belief or the sense of identity behind that reaction and I say, “I see you. I’m letting you go.” At times it seems like it’s not being eliminated. It’s like I’m spraying it with weed killer. I can see that it’s weakened a bit but it’s still there, so I still see the reaction in myself in another similar situation before. So is it just a matter of patience and keeping after it or is there something else that could be done to accelerate the process?

Answer from Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Albuquerque (USA) in 2018.

I’ll actually answer that myself because I’ve experienced exactly what you’re talking about and I assume many of you have. What I’ve realized for many, many years is that when I come to see something in my psychology, I have a certain understanding of it but that doesn’t mean that it’s been resolved yet because that involves all of the four lower bodies. So I might see something in my conscious mind but there might be an emotional component that needs to be resolved; it might be at a mental or an identity level.

So what I experienced when I started working on the whole primal self is, I got some intellectual understanding of it. I was working on it, I was making calls on it, I was calling to Jesus to help me see it more clearly and I could see that I still had the reaction, like you were saying. This went on for probably at least a couple of months and then one morning I was halfway awake in this state, you know, and suddenly, just without me having done anything, I could just feel like something broke. Something just let go.

It was related to what I had understood about the primal self and it just let go, it just broke, it just dissolved. I felt so relaxed afterwards. It was like really at the identity level I was relaxed, at the mental level I didn’t have any thoughts, I didn’t have any feelings but my body was so soft that I could barely move. I could barely get out of bed and this lasted for almost three days. I could move around but I felt like I was so loose and so relaxed and that’s why I knew that it was a major breakthrough; it wasn’t just intellectual understanding.

Question? So it’s just a matter of persistence?

Kim: Yeah, that’s what I feel because from the moment you see it consciously it still takes some time before it’s resolved at these other levels. It’s not like nothing happened in those two months. I had various insights that gave me different details of it. I did this thing you’re saying—every time I had an insight, I would say, “Ah, I see you’re not me and I’m letting you die,” and this and that. It’s one thing to say it with the outer mind but you have to come to a certain point of resolution before you can really let go of it. You can’t just repeat something mechanically because it has to be internalized.


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