How to deal with the fact that everybody has free will

Question: When a person finds something in their personal psyche, what helps them look at it in the collective consciousness in a balanced manner especially if they are afraid of letting free will play out? 

Kim: I don’t understand the question. Can the person who wrote it elaborate on it?

Question: If you know you have a fear and you know what you are afraid of, such as allowing free will to play out and you see it within yourself what the mechanism is. When I go to look at it in the mass consciousness – it’s like either the fear just takes me or what’s a balanced manner of being able to transition what I’m looking at in myself towards to being able to look at it in the mass consciousness.  

Kim: I still don’t understand – but you are afraid of letting free will play out – in yourself?

Question: Oh no, it’s the free will of other people that then affects me and I don’t want to be affected. 

Kim: By them – so really the question centres around “how do you deal with the fact that everybody has free will and that they could do something that affects you.” 

Question: Yes. So I know I can’t force other people and if I am raising my consciousness past a fear that I know I have and a mechanism I know I have. When I transition to raising the all and looking at it on a broader prospect, how do I keep myself from trying to force the all too just get with it.

Kim: In order to protect yourself is what you are saying because as you see it right now the only way to protect yourself is to try to prevent them from doing something that harms you. I think that clarifies the question more. 

Answer from the Ascended Master Gautama Buddha  through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Albuquerque (USA) in 2018

There are my beloved many ways to deal with this issue. It is of course one of the central issues that we have brought out in the book My Lives. You have an avatar that comes to earth with the best of intentions and despite the fact that you have not done anything to anybody on earth, you are still attacked, put down and hurt. This is of course because free will is such. We have talked about the cosmic mirror, what you project into the cosmic mirror the mirror will be reflected back – often through other people.

So if you are projecting a dualistic state of consciousness into the mirror, you will attract to you people who are in a dualistic state of consciousness and they will oppose you. This is not a teaching that applies to an avatar coming into their first embodiment because you are not in a dualistic state of consciousness and you have not projected anything into the cosmic mirror that affects other people.

The fact of the matter is that on a planet like earth where there are fallen beings, they can use their free will to attack you even though you have done nothing whatsoever to deserve it. We all realize that this is one of the most difficult aspects of taking embodiment on earth, for all people really but especially for avatars because you know that this is not the way it is on a natural planet. However, given all the teachings that we have given you, it is possible to look at this and say: “What is the earth, what is the earth for me?” And the earth is a school in attaining Buddhahood.

How do you attain Buddhahood? We have said that non-attachment is the key to Buddhahood but how do you be non-attached to other people attacking you and hurting you? That requires you to go through that long process of looking at your birth trauma, resolving that birth trauma and then when you have done that, you can actually come to a state as Mother Mary just mentioned, where you have re-established the natural energy flow from the identity to the mental to the emotional to the physical.

When you attain that mastery then you know, you are still on an unnatural planet where people have free will, they are in a very low state of consciousness (many people have their minds taken over by fallen beings) you cannot actually prevent them from attacking you if they absolutely want to. What you have done is that you have raised yourself beyond any dualistic entanglements, karmic entanglements with people, so you know there is no karmic reason why they should do so. It is, quite frankly, very likely that when you get to that state you will not be attacked.

Even if it were to happen, you know that due to your long history on this planet, due to what you have experienced in past lives, due to you having resolved the birth trauma, you know that there is nothing here on earth that can permanently harm you, that can permanently change who you are and how you see yourself when you have that natural energy flow.

Therefore you do not need to fear what they might do. The reason you fear this is that you have not yet resolved the birth trauma but when you do, that fear will dissolve as the morning dew under the rising sun.


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