How to deal with the division in your spiritual group 

Question: There is an old adage that spiritual students should mingle with holy company, in other words, to befriend other spiritual seekers. However, I have noticed that many of the spiritual people I know are quite adamant that there is an evil plot behind government interventions to control COVID-19, even to the point of questioning some of the masters’ answers from the previous conference. Do the masters have any advice on how we as ascended master students can heal the conflict in our perception of the pandemic in our own community? We all have the same teachings and we all are thinking we are seeking for truth. But the response to the pandemic requires a unified response. If even spiritual students cannot agree on this, we cannot exert a clear and unified response on the collective consciousness. Thank you for your answer.

 Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus  through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Increasing Your Christ Discernment.

Well, my beloved, many of the teachings we will give you at this conference are indeed designed to help you address this particular point. We see of course, throughout the ages in many, many spiritual groups, many religious groups, but even many ascended master groups, that there can be a certain division in the groups. You know, of course, that when ascended master students come together and are unified, you have a greater impact and the fallen beings, the dark forces will do everything they can to prevent your unity, to divide you up to cause various factions, so you cannot be as effective. However, you also need to recognize here that it is not necessarily so that you have to agree on everything in order to come together and give a certain invocations and decrees, you can still disagree on specific things, while using the tools we have given you and thus have an impact.

But it is clear that there will always be a certain number of students who are very attached to certain outer beliefs, and who when we challenge those beliefs, well, instead of questioning themselves, question either the answer from the masters, or the messengers attunement with the masters and so on. This is a pattern we have seen over and over again, from the moment we started sponsoring organizations. We see it in other spiritual movements, we see it in religions, we see it in any kind of organization.

And there will of course come a certain point where you can say, well, if these people have such an attachment to these viewpoints, I will not associate with them, I will not stir up any conflict, I will just work on myself, my own psychology, see if I have any attachments to my viewpoints. I can assure you that if you overcome whatever attachments you have in your own psychology, then people having a different viewpoint will no longer be an issue for you. You either will not encounter these people, or you will not be bothered by them having a different viewpoint.

You see, there is a certain, you might say patience, or you might say forbearance that it is needed for spiritual students to have with each other, you know from yourself that you can be on the path for a while, and suddenly you have an insight about something in your psychology. And you often say to yourself, “why did not I see this earlier?” But you did not see it earlier, because you were not ready. There were other selves you needed to get out of the way, there may have been a certain accumulation of fear based energy that you needed to transform with your decrees and invocations before you could see this.

So when you recognize this in yourself, you realize that there may have been other people who could see this tendency in you all through that time. But you could not see it because you were not ready to see it. And the same could be the case for somebody else. There may still be somebody who is very attached to a certain outer thing, certain outer viewpoint, and you can clearly see that it is an attachment, and it is unbalanced, but they cannot see it. So what you can still do is give them time, give them some time to come to the point where they either see it, or where they perhaps even become so attached to it, that they just remove themselves from the group, in which case you of course, need to respect free will, and allow them to do this.

We have seen over and over again how we gave a certain teaching that is for a certain level of consciousness, this attracts a certain group of students, they then become very attached to the teaching or a certain interpretation of it. Then we have given all the teachings that we have to give for that level of consciousness. And now we use the same messenger to give a higher teaching for another level of consciousness. But some of the students who have become attached to the previous level of teaching cannot make the leap to the new teaching, they are so attached to it that they believe that this should be the final word on it. And therefore, they question the new teaching in various ways.

They may question the messenger, they may as it’s a classical response: “The messenger is no longer a messenger, the messenger has lost his or her attunement, or his or her mantle, and therefore I need to go somewhere else.” And if people do this, you simply respect free will and let them do it. You follow your heart and let them follow whatever they’re following. You don’t need to try to save them to rescue them to argue with them.

But as I said, we will give more teachings then for those who are willing to use them can help you transcend these outer differences of opinion, which are after all outer differences and therefore cannot come from the Christ mind, can they?


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