How to deal with mistakes that affect other people

Question: This is a personal experience but maybe other people can relate to it. I went through something where I made a mistake and it involved another life stream. After I had done that, I realized that I felt that something was off. I decided to never do it again, I left it behind. After ‘My Lives with Lucifer, Satan, Hitler and Jesus’ came out, I realized what I had truly done and I had a moment where I was like wow, I realized I had done something wrong and I didn’t want it so I was kind of proud of the moment that I was able to recognize that something was off and I was able to adjust my behavior in a sense. However I know that does absolve your karma once you learn your lesson, like it’s done with and you don’t have the issue with that but how does it affect the other life stream or the other person that was with me in that sense and that I had an interaction with? I don’t want them to experience any negativity in a sense or for that to come back on them, especially if they are younger.

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Albuquerque (USA) in 2018.

This is of course a situation you all face and have faced many, many times while you have been on this Earth and it is quite frankly one of the situations that is one of the most powerful weapons of the fallen beings to get you involved with these karmic entanglements or reactionary patterns, that are very difficult to get out of.

You are in a very difficult environment on this planet, you are in a very difficult culture, so you do something that affects other people and then you go into a reactionary pattern based on this. Either denying it or seeking to compensate for it or feeling bad about it or this or that, so here is my recommendation. There may be situations where you can do something physical to compensate for how your actions or decisions affected other people. I would, attune to your heart, attempt to go into this neutral state of mind and get some inner direction whether this applies to you and what physical action you might take and then you might take that physical action if you feel it from within.

Do not decide this with your outer mind based on some kind of guilt that you have. Then of course you can do the spiritual work, you can make calls for the karma to be dissolved, you can make calls for the other person to be set free from the effects in the identity, mental and emotional realm and you can work on your own psychology to look at: what was the self that caused you to do this and resolve it and let it die.

At this point you have done everything that you can do for the other person. At this point you then need to use the teachings we have given on free will and recognize that you are on a planet that has a lower state of consciousness. You are not on a natural planet. It is inevitable that all people make mistakes for a variety of reasons. You don’t even need to go into analyzing this but you simply need to accept you made a mistake. You have used your free will to acknowledge your mistake, to seek to raise yourself above the consciousness, to seek to compensate for the effects.

This is the point where you need to recognize that the other person also has free will and you need to allow them their free will to react to the situation however they want to react. If they’re angry with you, then allow them to make that choice but now you need to do what is the most difficult for most spiritual people and that is to also respect your own free will. Because when you acknowledge that you have done everything you can do on the physical level, you have done what you can do on the spiritual level, you also need to acknowledge: if the other person is angry at you or is blaming you, you do not need to react to this. You do not need to react to this. You do not need to feel bad about it, you do not need to feel guilty, you do not need to feel that you need to keep trying to compensate until the other person is no longer angry. You need to recognize that you are on an unnatural planet and on an unnatural planet nothing is ideal.

Therefore you cannot expect things to be ideal and therefore you need to recognize that you have a right to be on this planet, you have a right to be in your present state of consciousness, you have a right to make decisions and take actions based on your present state of consciousness because you can’t do anything else.

There will be situations where this causes you to do something that affects another person but that person has a right to be affected by other people, as you have a right to be affected by other people. In other words, that person does not have the right to say: “You should never have done this. You should not have been in that state of consciousness. You should not have been on this planet.” You have a right to be here in your present state of consciousness and you have a right to do things that affect other people – when you make an honest mistake and are not doing this with a malicious intent. The other person is also in a certain state of consciousness. They have a right to be in that consciousness and you need to recognize that their reaction to you is a result of their state of consciousness. You don’t need to interfere with this but on the other hand you don’t need to let it interfere with your path – when you have done what you could to raise yourself.

This is very, very difficult for many spiritual people and that is why I say it is an efficient weapon of the fallen beings to keep you in these entanglements. The most devastating effect of this is when you have been in a physical proximity to falling beings and you have done something that they felt was wrong and they can be very aggressive and very persistent and blaming you and many of you have in past lives and even some of you in this life – interacted with falling beings.

They have been very negative towards you and you have decided: “O, I need to make it all good again.” In other words you are deciding: “I need to change the fallen beings, so they are no longer in a negative state of mind.” My beloved, that is a recipe for disaster because few things are more difficult in this universe than to change the mind of a falling being so that they will look at you positively and forgive you and move on. So you need to recognize this, whether the other person is a falling being or not, you do not even need to evaluate this but you need to be clear that if the other person will not let the past be the past, will not let go, will not move on, that does not mean that you don’t have a right to move on because you do have a right to move on.

You have a right to feel from within; you have done what you could do for that person and you are just leaving that person behind and moving on with your life. You’re not running away from anything because you have dealt with the psychology, you have done what you could do but then you have a right to move on. This goes for any person in your life, my beloved: – parents, children, family members, anyone, absolutely anyone. You respect their free will but you also respect your own free will. They are right to react to you anyway they want but you’re right to be unaffected by their reaction because you have your own psychology to deal with. You do not have to deal with other people’s psychology because that is not your responsibility.


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