How to deal with fake news or conspiracy theories

Question: A lot of things are being exposed nowadays through alternative media. A lot of it is really heart wrenching and very disturbing. I know some of it isn’t true. We have to use – you have to feel it within your heart to determine what’s real and what’s not. What do you do if you feel that some of these things are real in your heart? What do you do emotionally? How do we deal and cope with all these disturbing things that are cropping up about the elite, the things that they’re doing behind closed doors? Not just politically, but virtually those type of things that are cropping up. How do you deal with that kind of stuff emotionally in a balanced way and not become too obsessive over it? Also this is for us here that are part of the ascended masters’ teachings. How do we deal with it? But also there are people out there that aren’t part of the ascended master’s teachings and how do they deal with it? How are they supposed to deal with it? And how are we supposed to deal with all this stuff that’s coming up right now?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Holland in 2017.

My beloved, I’m going to be a little bit provocative. Are you aware, all of you, that there are some countries where there are children that are starving? Are you so disturbed by this that you can’t sleep at night, that you have to read about it on the internet constantly? Then ask yourself why you are so disturbed by some of these fake news or conspiracy theories that are posted on the internet. I’m trying to show you here actually a positive lesson by provoking you a little bit.

What I’m trying to show is that there are many, many things that are going on this planet that are not ideal. But the fact of the matter is that even though you know some of these things are going on, you have found a way to live a reasonably balanced life. And so if you can find a way to live a balanced life while knowing that there are children starving in Africa, why can you not find a way to live a balanced life while knowing that there are certain conspiracies? Why do you feel an almost compulsive need to study this, to take this material in, to allow it into your consciousness and put your energy on it?

So you see what I’m saying here. You’re living on a very difficult planet, a very low planet, a planet that has many manifestations that are not ideal, that need to be changed, that will be changed over time. You cannot allow yourself to focus on all of these conditions because you cannot live a balanced life that way. And so the reason why I am being provocative here is that the only way to really deal with this is to make a decision not to put your attention on certain things because if you observe yourself, you will see that there are many websites out there that are deliberately designed to be disturbing and to create a strong emotional reaction in you, and to almost create a situation where you become addicted to taking in these news.

And yes, they may report certain things that are factual, but many of them also report a lot of things that are not factual because one of the ways they get people’s attention and energy is precisely by presenting false news as if they were true, in order to create that emotional reaction. And so you have to recognize that some of these websites are actually addictive, because they cause an emotional reaction in you and they cause you to think about it and you can’t let it be. You can’t let it go. You have to come back and read more. And the more you read, the more of a reaction there is, and you may think that you know more, but in reality in many cases, you are simply more and more confused. Your attention is more and more scattered.

So the solution here is to recognize something we have said before. We are not asking you personally, each one of you, to look at the earth and look at all of the problems that exist and then work on all of them. We are asking each one of you to pick a certain issue, a certain topic that is close to your heart. Focus your attention on that. Seek to educate yourself. Use your intuition. Make the calls for the ascended masters to step in. Study the topic so that you can actually make more and more precise calls for us to step into that area and then my beloved, when you choose that this is your focus – It can be more than one thing but it is a limited number of things – then you simply make the decision to ignore the rest. You need to recognize here that there is always a balance to be found.

When the consciousness is being raised, the fallen beings will always try to do exactly what they are doing in this age. As we have said before, they would gladly have prevented the internet from being invented. Now that they could not do this, they know that true information can be spread. So they are seeking to use it to spread false information in order to precisely get people to a point where either they are so confused that they don’t know what is real and what is unreal, or they have gone through this emotional reaction, this up and down being disturbed, being pulled into this so many times that they simply do not want to deal with it anymore.

And so we are attempting to give you information that first of all is valid, first of all is real. But we are also attempting to give you information about things that you can do something about, that you can make calls on, that will have an impact, that will have an effect. Now you have just given the invocation on petty problems based on my dictation from last year. And there are many of these fake news or these conspiracy theories are, from the perspective of what will bring the Golden Age, simply petty issues. They’re inconsequential. They may have some reality. They many not. But they’re inconsequential for bringing the Golden Age.

So again, if you are an ascended master student that recognizes ascended master teachings, then take some of the issues that we have brought to your attention. Focus on them. Educate yourself. Make the calls, and then ignore the rest. You are not here to solve every problem. It is not your responsibility personally to solve or deal with or know about every issue on earth. You need to find your personal balance. And this is not so difficult when you have ascended master teachings. For people who do not have ascended master teachings; there is often nothing you can do to help them. They simply have to run through the cycle until they’ve had enough of that experience and they simply stop. Because there is no real solution to this, other than simply taking your attention off of this and not allowing yourself to be pulled into this strong emotional reaction.

We may give you certain teachings, but we know from experience that when we give these teachings the way we do, it usually does not create this very strong emotional reaction in people. Because we of course, do not want to create this reaction because we have no reason to steal your energy. We have all the energy we could possibly need directly from the source. So when you read some kind of news and you feel yourself going into this strong emotional reaction – often in the solar plexus chakra, because it becomes disturbed and starts spinning faster or spinning the wrong way – then you know that this is not coming from a benign source. And then you need to decide simply not to indulge in it, not to engage in it, and then focus on the issues we have given you because what is the solution to all of the conspiracies and all of the manipulation that the fallen ones are doing on this planet?

Well, it is that there are a critical mass of people that raise their consciousness to a level of Christhood that allows us to take certain fallen beings off the planet; and it also is that you serve as the forerunners who can pull up the collective consciousness so that again, the fallen beings can be taken off the planet. So instead of focusing on the conspiracy theories and the fake news, focus on Christhood, focus on raising your consciousness and focus on what we have given you. The teachings we have given you on fallen beings through this messenger alone is the ultimate conspiracy theory but it is also a constructive knowledge that you can actually use to make calls, use to free yourself from the consciousness that allows you to be manipulated and so this is something that can promote growth.

Whereas many of the conspiracy theories out there are not meant to set people free. They are meant to pull them into this emotional reaction that becomes addictive, and that actually in the long run makes them feel more powerless, even though they supposedly know all these things that ordinary people don’t know. Many people go into this state of spiritual pride because they feel they know all these things that other people don’t know, and so they are so smart that they can judge and evaluate everything and they use these theories to judge everything they read in the other news, and it becomes another addictive spiral that really leads you nowhere.

So it is very important for you to realize that when you are on earth and when you are walking the spiritual path; you need to go through a process of selecting out, selecting away and saying, “I am not focusing my attention on this. This is not essential to who I am and to my path. I am deliberately choosing.” It’s not that you are denying. You’re not going into denial. You are not even ignoring it. You are actually consciously choosing not to focus your attention there because as Saint Germain has said, “Where your attention goes, there goes your energy”, and this will pull on your four lower bodies so that you have to follow. And so you choose what’s important for you and then you ignore, or select away, take your attention away from all of these other many topics.


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