How to deal with Covid vaccine 

Question: The COVID vaccine is going to be introduced to the world very soon. How should we deal with the situation? And how can we prevent the possible ill effects of the vaccine?

Answer from Kim Michaels given during the 2020 Webinar – Increasing Your Christ Discernment.

You need to choose for yourself whether you want to do it. I think it’s an individual choice is really the answer to it. You need to look at the situation in your country and how the vaccine was developed, and how confident you feel that it has been tested sufficiently.

I can comment on how I would look at this. Personally, I don’t like having anything spayed into my body. So, unless I felt it was absolutely necessary to get a vaccine, I wouldn’t do it.

I live in in Denmark, where there hasn’t been any talk about making it mandatory. I don’t think they’re considering this. While there may have been a debate about it, but I don’t think it’s ever been really serious that they would do this. I would say that, given that I’m not in a particular risk group, I wouldn’t do it as I see it right now. But if the situation changed, and there was more of a risk of getting the disease, then I might do it. You know, because I would feel that if it was approved by the Danish health authorities, I would feel confident enough that it had been tested and therefore it would be safe enough to do it. That’s how I would look at it right now. I’m not saying I would never take the vaccine—that would depend on what it was. But I will say that if I was a doctor or nurse who worked in the hospital, then I would do it just simply to avoid the risk of contracting the disease.


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