How to deal with a person who doesn’t want to live

Question: My daughter developed schizophrenia and she does not want to live. How can I work with my psychology? And how can I help my daughter psychologically? What kind of trauma is the key here? And what needs to be resolved in the first place? I’ve tried various methods including prayers invocations, casting out the spirits of sickness in the name of Jesus Christ and I Am, and others, but this is not enough. There is a feeling that the more I invoke light, the worse the situation with my daughter gets.

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

You have to recognize here that no prayers, decrees or invocations will work against a person’s free will. That is why there are some situations where the more you invoke light, the worse it seems to become because the light is having an effect on the person and the person does not want to make the choice to shift back into a positive attitude to life. And therefore, the light is agitating the person or the demons or entities that are possessing the person and causing the person to act out in more extreme ways.

There can be necessary in such situations, to take a break from invoking light on behalf of that person. It can be necessary in cases like this, and I’m here speaking generally for people who are in the similar situation, that you stop focusing on the other person, but you instead focus on yourself and your own psychology and seek to resolve your own psychology. You also can focus on and make calls for the resolution of any karma you have with that person.

I know that it will be a difficult message for some people to hear but you live in a world where free will is the ultimate law. There can be situations where people do not want to live and you of course feel compelled to save them from this condition so that they will continue to live because you do not want your loved ones to die. But there can be cases where it can be necessary to allow a person to die because that is the only way that the lifestream can learn its lesson. Namely, that suicide or even dying does not free you from the condition you’re in because you carry your psychology with you.

I’m not hereby encouraging anybody to let people commit suicide or allow them to die. But I’m saying that there’s a point where you need to stop using spiritual tools. I’m not talking about breaking the law. But I’m saying that if you’re decrees and invocations are agitating the situation, it can be necessary to stop using them and let the situation run its course.

What you can do is work on your own psychology and seek to resolve the reactions that come up in you to the entire situation. This can be very subtle and very profound things about how you look at other people, how you look at yourself and your responsibility towards other people. You need to recognize here that you live on a very dark planet, a very chaotic planet. You look again at history and you can see how many people have been severely traumatized in past lives. There are people who come into embodiment today who carry with them these very deep traumas from a recent embodiment.

Your responsibility may not be to save that person or heal that trauma because it isn’t possible. Sometimes your responsibility is to give that person an opportunity to seek healing. But if the person does not want to use that opportunity, then that can be the end of your responsibility towards that person. I’m saying this so you can deal with these feelings of responsibility, of guilt and of hopelessness and despair of not being able to help another person.

There are times where there will be people who are close to you or even people you encounter in your work, that you simply cannot help. And you must therefore, simply watch as they do whatever they do of self-destructive actions. Again, I’m not talking about breaking the law and allowing someone to commit suicide against the law. But there comes a point where you need to let go of your responsibility towards another person and allow free will to outplay itself.

I’m not saying this is your first cause of action, but you have all obviously already taken actions. What you must do is step back from the situation and say, I will focus on working on my own psychology. And if you do this, there may sometimes come an inner intuitive insight that now that you have resolved something in yourself, you can approach the other person in a different way. And this may enable you to help that person in a way you could not have done before because your psychology caused a certain reaction in you and that blocked you from helping that person.


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