How to deal with a loss of your motivation on the spiritual path

Question: I feel like I have no motivation at all. Some studies say that motivation is linked to a person’s ego. If your ego is weak, then you are less motivated. How about a spiritual person? If I dissolve separate selves, could this mean I am less motivated? What can one do if the ego-based motivation is gone, but does not have a connection with the Holy Spirit or the River of Life?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

If you look at many people in the world that you consider to be successful people, for example, people in a political arena or in the business community, you can clearly see that these people are motivated by their egos, they have some kind of goal to attain power, attain status, attain wealth and this is what drives them. They are driven by this motivation that comes from the ego. They want to make themselves special or powerful, whatever the case may be.

There are many spiritual people who, when they were younger, had a strong motivation that came from the ego. Many people, as this messenger has seen about himself, when you first find the spiritual path or spiritual teaching, you become very enthusiastic about applying the teaching and the tools given and part of this is driven by an ego motivation.

You want to attain some kind of status in your own mind of being a good student, being an eager student, a good chela and therefore this is a motivation of the ego. What happens is that if you are open to working with yourself and your own psychology, then you may come to a point where you start to see through this ego motivation. Some students do not come to this point and can continue for decades being driven by this ego-based motivation, giving decrees for hours and hours, without actually making as much progress as they would do if they would look at their psychology. Others come to have some insight in their psychology—they come to see the futility of this and even if they don’t know about the concept of the separate selves, they can still give up some of these selves that are part of the ego.

When you give up a self, when you let the self die, you lose the motivation for that self. And it is possible that you can be in a sort of interim period, a sort of no man’s land, where you haven’t yet connected to your divine plan and to the purpose, the higher purpose that is not ego-based that you defined in your divine plan. You may still have other separate selves that make you self-focused, so that you cannot go beyond that self-motivation and therefore begin to use your spiritual growth to serve some greater cause. This could be for example, serving a cause for the masters by giving decrees for various issues. It could be to express yourself in society, it could be to focus on your spiritual growth by working with your psychology and so on.

But there can be a period where you haven’t connected to this. You feel like you have no motivation—you don’t know what to do or where to direct your attention and energy. And again, we have given you these tools. If you take the tools in Healing Your Spiritual Traumas and use them, you are likely to get over this. But there are some people that you cannot use a tool to get over it because you simply need to make a decision. You simply need to make a decision to stop being so focused on yourself and deliberately set aside that separate self, or that ego-based focus on yourself.

You work for some cause that reaches beyond yourself. You need to so to speak, shake yourself out of this inertia you are in, and it is an act of will. And there are certain points on the path where you cannot move further until you have that act of will and if you feel your lack the act of will then appeal to Master More, go to the Path To Self Mastery course. Take that first book by Master More and use it, apply it—make the calls to him. But again of course, Master More cannot make the decision for you. You need to be willing to make it for yourself.


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