How to deal with a child’s serious illness

Question: My son is autistic and I’m in a situation where I don’t get any free time to pursue things I like, either doing decrees or reading or just expressing myself on the internet. He requires my full-time supervision and I feel stuck as I don’t know when this will end. I’ve always felt powerless to do anything to make his life better, or even my own, but somehow I cannot accept this treadmill existence to go on forever. As I read Mother Mary’s A Course in Abundance about healing energies that can flow through us, I got rather determined to pursue the idea that I should try to heal him. Also a recent dictation by Saint Germain says we can make the revolutionary shift of accepting the Christ Consciousness and also consider that the healing energies of God can flow through us. I have recently accepted this in myself and started healing him though I still have a small bit of doubt about what I’m doing. I do understand that whether he heals or not will depend on his own  divine plan and what he has come into embodiment for, but I’m hoping we can reach a point where he can become quite independent and thus give me some relatively free time of my own. I also understand that spirit contains matter and if Jesus could bring Lazarus back to life healing my child would also be a valid possibility. Am I right in this assessment? Is there something else I should consider?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

Well, certainly we will not discourage anyone from opening their minds or their four lower bodies to the healing energies of God. I would say though that you cannot heal your son but that spirit can heal your son through you. So it is a matter of focusing on opening yourself up to the flow from the spiritual realm. In order to fully do this, you need to set aside any desires you have, even a desire to heal your son because if you are attempting to heal your son from a human desire that is aimed at easing your own situation, then you might try to force this instead of being open to the flow of the Spirit.

In general anyone who is in a similar situation, you can certainly strive to open yourself to the flow of healing energies from the spiritual realm, but in a case like this you also need to see here that there is an Omega aspect of this and that is that you need to be practical about this and say: “If my son’s situation does not improve, because for example, if this is in his divine plan to live a certain way, does that mean that I have to be bound to this particular lifestyle for the rest of my life?” And therefore, you need to shift your mind and say: “Isn’t there a possibility that my situation could become easier, for example, that there could be people that could help me, that there could be institutions that could help me so that I am not the one who has to be there 24/7 to take care of him.” You need to open yourself up to this as a possibility. Make the calls for it, take practical steps to do it, so that you can change your situation and have more time to focus on yourself, your own needs, be they spiritual, mental, emotional or physical.


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