How to create better organizations and companies

Question: I was wondering about how to build and cultivate more conscious organizations or companies. As every organization also has a collective consciousness that is formed from that mandala, what is a realistic step to take to raise that consciousness? Would a possible first step be that the individuals within the organization overcome the perversions of the first ray? If an organization has 1,000 people, how many people would need to shift their consciousness in order to get a good upward momentum?

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar for Russia – Overcoming the consciousness of Superiority and the Sense of Being Unwhole, Traumatized and Focused Outside Oneself.

The topic of organizations is a vast and complex topic. Because there are many, many things that happen when people come together in a group and they begin to combine their consciousness. When people are organized in a specific group, whether it is a company, a spiritual group, a religious group, their auras, their four lower bodies begin to interact. And this creates a very complex mesh, or complex matrix for an organization.

It is not just that it is a perversion of the first ray, different organizations can have strong points or perversions on different rays. But it is not really the best way to look at the different rays. It is simply a matter of looking at the psychology behind the organization or the company.

You can begin by looking at the physical goal for it or the physical product that it produces. But you really need to go into looking at the mindset, the approach, the attitude behind that company. The most effective way to look at it is of course to look at the results, the physical results that the organization or company are producing. In terms of a business, is it competitive? Many, many businesses have helped people grow only when they collapsed, when they went down. Then some people have learned certain lessons.

Other companies have been brought to the brink of bankruptcy, or they have faced stronger competition. And that has prompted them to change. But the most creative companies are of course, those who are continually looking for new products, new solutions, and are willing to re-invent themselves. This requires, of course, that the leaders and many among the lower ranks, are willing to think in new terms, they are open to new ideas.

Basically, you can say that, to give you a simplified version of this is that it is important for all organizations to establish a procedure, a tradition, a willingness to continually look at itself. Look at its own performance, look at how that relates to the vision, the psychology, the approach of the organization, and then continually adjust this.

You understand that the purpose of life is growth. And how do you grow in the physical octave of earth? What have we said over and over again? You project a certain image onto the Mater light, the Mater light out pictures this image in terms of physical circumstances. And when you experience those circumstances, you can learn from it.

This applies also to an organization or a business. There is a matrix at the identity, mental and emotional level for a particular business. And it is this matrix that precipitates the products that the business is producing. And when you see the response from the market, from individual people to the products, you have an opportunity to learn from this and to look at the matrix and the three higher levels and therefore refine it. And this is how an organization or business can continue to grow.

I am not saying people need to be consciously aware of what I have told you here or use the same terminology. But you will see in some of the more creative companies, that they have some attitudes, some procedure of evaluating themselves and continually trying to renew or reinvent themselves, looking for, not just to refine the kind of products they have but looking for a whole different kind of product that takes the area to a higher level. Some companies are even looking for something that is not a higher level of what they have, but something entirely different.


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