How to create a more open love relationship

Question: How do women have to speak with men? Or how do women have to change their mind about all men or husbands? Or how must a woman look at a man or her husband? Maybe the way we speak to each other is a habit. But I think that it also depends on some beliefs at higher levels.

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Increasing Your Christ Discernment.

Well, as we move into the golden age, men and women will be able to change the traditional relationship between men and women in drastic ways. It is not only women who can do it, but they will no doubt be the forerunners. It is clear that as we move into the golden age, there will be many changes in the relationship between men and women. You can already see some of these changes in certain countries such as the Scandinavian countries.

It will first of all mean that there will be a much more open, honest and direct communication between men and women. What you can do at this level is that you can attempt to change the communication. If your male partner is also a spiritual person, perhaps even a student of the ascended masters, then he should be willing to work on establishing a better communication in your relationship. And that requires men to be willing to talk about some of the things that women find it easier to talk about, such as feelings, but that men can also learn to talk about without being uncomfortable about it.

Now, if you are ascended master students and want to improve your relationship, you can of course use our teachings for healing your spiritual traumas, and overcoming all of these different selves. Because if you look at the world, you will see that probably 95% or more of all relationships are dominated by the separate selves of both partners. It is simply these separate selves that are causing people to go into certain reactionary patterns that block growth in their relationships. Naturally, as ascended master students, you want to make an effort to overcome this. And if you are willing to speak openly about this, you can indeed make great progress on this. By doing this in your relationship you can help pull up the collective consciousness and give examples of how other people can do the same.

Exactly how this needs to be done depends very much on where you live. What is the context in which you have grown up? What is the traditional relationship between men and women in your country? I am not here saying that all people around the world should instantly step up to what you see right now in the Scandinavian countries. You cannot expect that people who have grown up in an Islamic culture can make that leap in a short period of time. It will certainly take time.

But nevertheless, you can look at your culture and look at how men and women have traditionally been relating to each other. Then you can talk openly about how you can improve your relationship and have a more open and honest relationship. And by working on these separate selves many of which you can see in your culture, you can see it in your parents, you can see it in other people, then you will be able to make progress and you will be able to establish a more free relationship, where you can come to see each other as equal partners. Not that the man is dominant or that the woman is dominant.

But of course, I realized that there are many cultures where the man has traditionally been dominant. Therefore, it will require more work in these cultures. It will actually require more adjustment on the side of the male partner who needs to overcome this programming that he has been exposed to from childhood, of how a man should be in that culture. It can be certainly more difficult for men who have grown up in such an environment to establish a more equal relationship with their wives. But it certainly can be done and it certainly can be done by ascended master students.


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