How to connect directly to the masters

Question: What is a suggested approach for seeing beyond the messenger and connecting directly to the masters?

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Washington, D.C. (USA) in 2019.

Do not look at the messenger. [Audience Laughter]

But seriously, as I just said, there has been a tendency in previous ascended master organizations to focus too much on the messenger. I know there is a popular saying out there that the “messenger is the message”, or whatever the saying is my beloved, but the reality here is that, as one person expressed the other day, there can come a point where you no longer need the messenger.

That is, in a sense, the ideal state we want for all of you, and what the messenger wants for all of you, because he does not have that personal ambition of wanting to have followers, or wanting to create an organization, and all of this. You do not really look beyond the messenger. You just focus on the message, you focus on the dictations, you listen to the dictations, you give the invocations, and you focus directly on a personal relationship with us.

Now, there are people in the world who have a personal relationship to the ascended masters and they have never listened to a messenger and they do not need to do so. But since you are here, you do not need to analyze this, or evaluate yourself. You just say: “I obviously needed this in order to discover the ascended masters.”

So what do you need a messenger for? You need a messenger to take dictations and write invocations. You might need to talk to the messenger to get some kind of perspective or guidance, but you primarily need the messenger to take the dictations and write the invocations. That is all you need the messenger for. There has never been in this dispensation said or hinted, that you need the messenger in order to connect to the ascended masters.

You are, and you need to be very conscientious about this, you are free to work on a personal relationship with us that does not involve the messenger at all. If you need the messenger’s help in developing that relationship that is fine, but do not ever allow yourself to think that you can only reach the ascended masters through the messenger or the Catholic church or any other human being or institution.

The ideal state that we want for all of you is that you use the teaching and you use the tools to develop that personal relationship with us. It does not mean that you suddenly need to start taking messages. That may not be your divine plan, and for most of you it is not. But it means that you get personal directions from us directly without going through the messenger.

First of all, as you can see, for example, from the Summit Lighthouse, there were many people who thought they needed to get personal guidance through the messenger from the masters, and it put them in a co-dependent relationship with the messenger. It was unhealthy, unnecessary, and it did not help these people grow whatsoever.

There came a point where the organization was so big that there was no way the messenger had time to give people personal guidance. How could the organization go beyond that stage unless people develop their own personal relationships, which many people did. The messenger should be a help for you to develop a personal relationship, and should never be allowed to become a hindrance.


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