How to change the American government

Question: I would love to see the vision that you have for America fulfilled, but I’ve been feeling pretty hopeless and suspicious with our government. I would like to say that I could trust the people in power, but I don’t. But I do trust the will of the people and that people are waking up. I don’t believe that we can work within this existing structure. I believe it’s too corrupt. So what do you see this looking like in terms of us taking our power back from the representatives? Could you give us an example of how we could transition without tearing the whole house down?

Answer by Ascended Master Saint Germain, July 18, 2015 through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during a conference in Los Angeles. It was given after a dictation by Saint Germain. 

I am not asking you to trust the existing government. I do not trust the existing government, but I do trust that it is possible to change the system. You cannot change the system if you set yourself apart from the system and go into a state of hopelessness and despair and say that things are so bad that nothing can be done. This is what I am asking you to do: shift your consciousness away from this because you are, in a sense, disempowering yourselves. You are saying: “Things are so bad, things are so corrupt. All of the people in power are just so corrupt that there’s nothing we can do.” Then you have already lost.

If you say that nothing can be done, and if free will is the determining factor on earth, and if you are the top ten percent of the people, then shall not free will outplay itself? How can those who are the eighty percent of the population rise if you who are the top ten percent do not rise above the state of hopelessness?

It is not necessary to completely go within the system. You are right that it is not possible to completely change the system from within, but it is necessary to have a push-pull, a two-pronged approach, where you do have people who go into the system and seek to get into the system. You also have people who are working at the grassroots level in order to raise awareness and to galvanize a critical mass of people to stand up and demand change. It is perfectly true that you cannot go inside the system and change it only from there. On the other hand, it cannot be changed only from the grassroots level. It needs to be a two-pronged approach, an Alpha and Omega, a figure-eight flow.

I am not saying that you who are the spiritual people necessarily need to go into government, but you need to visualize and call forth, you need to support those who are at least honest politicians, who are honest administrators. I tell you, there are many, many people who have a true love for America and for freedom. They are deceived. Some of them are discouraged. But they still have enough love that they can be set free from the illusion. This is what you can make calls for, you who are the spiritual people. I am not asking you to do it all. You are not meant to do it all because the people need to wake up.

Do you not see that the problem is elitism? We do not want a small elite of spiritual people to change America. We want America to transcend elitism so that the people will become part of the process and see themselves as part of the process.

There is not a specific result that absolutely needs to be manifest. This is what trips up so many people who are well-meaning. They see a problem. Either they think that this problem needs to be solved somehow by the power elite being destroyed or the government being changed, or they see a vision and think that this particular vision must be manifest. I do not see it that way. I do not have a firm matrix for how the specifics should be manifest. There is much room for variation. There are many ways that this could be manifest.

You see, the point is to grasp a higher vision and to move towards that higher vision without being hung up on the specifics. You who are the spiritual people, yes, you can make specific calls, but I am asking you to hold a greater vision that is beyond these specifics where you sometimes get so hung up on the details. Sometimes those details, while important, are not decisive, are not consequential for the shift that needs to happen. This is one of the tricks of the fallen beings, which is to divert your attention into fighting for specific causes that, while they are worthy and important, are not decisive and consequential in the overall picture.

You have heard the saying that you can win the battle but lose the war. Too many times, well-meaning people get trapped into focusing on a specific cause, thinking that if we get this cause resolved, then we will have made progress. There are many causes that, although they are contributing to progress, they are not decisive. Therefore, pick your battles well. Strive for that overall vision.

I have given you many hints through this messenger. Sometimes they are veiled, but they are there. You can ask not only for spoken direction, but you can ask for inner direction. You can also make the calls that anyone who is open to receiving new ideas will be cut free, will be protected, will have the transformation of karma and psychology so that they can grasp that vision. Many of the visions I desire to bring forth, I cannot bring forth through you who are spiritual people. They need to be brought forth through people who have experience and expertise in specific areas related to government, industry, business, science and any other field.

I am asking you to consider two things. If you have experience in a certain area – be it education, be it science, be it health, whatever it may be – then develop that expertise and do work for a cause, for a change in that area. I am asking you to also strive to get that overall vision so you know that maybe sometimes it is not quite the time to push for that specific change because it is more productive to use your energies and attention to focus on a greater change.

I know well that it is difficult to start out a movement for this monumental shift in American democracy that I am calling for. Many people will reject it. Many people will be extremely negative towards the idea. I know it is a challenge, but it is one of the things that are important, that are consequential. Do not neglect this even though it is sometimes tempting to go for a change in a specific area where you may see quicker results. If the results are not decisive, then are we really making progress? Jesus said: “Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s, and unto God that which is God’s.” What he meant was essentially this: Don’t fight for causes that are not consequential to the overall progression that comes from Above.


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