How to build attunement with the Christ within

Question: My question is regarding the exercise of attunement that Jesus has given. For those of us who seem to struggle with visualization techniques due to overactive imaginations and not necessarily a lack of giving protection decrees, are there perhaps any other technique you could recommend to build attunement with the Christ within?

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Increasing Your Christ Discernment.

Well, there are many techniques. In a sense decrees, invocations, is a tool that doesn’t require you to visualize. Another possibility is to still the mind and again this can be difficult when you have an, as you say, over active imagination.

You can use various tools for meditation where you focus on your breathing, you take very deep breaths for a time, you focus on breathing in and out, try to keep your attention on your breath. And after some time of breathing deeply, you attempt to relax the body. You can lie down while doing this. And then you find what Saint Germain has called a point of stillness within you. It isn’t a specific physical location. It is just simply a point of stillness. And then you attempt to, not force your attention, but just keep your attention on that point of stillness for as long as possible. Inevitably thoughts or images will come. But when you become aware of the thoughts, you just pull your attention back to the point of stillness.

You are not trying to get answers to specific questions. The more neutral you can be, the better. And this is what trips up some people when they attempt to do this attunement exercise. They are seeking answers to a specific question. They are seeking help to overcome a specific problem. And this colors their mind, so they cannot be in that state of listening grace, in that state of neutral awareness that is required for you to receive an impulse from the Christ mind.

You can also make a decision that you are not attempting to get specific answers. You are just seeking to experience some connection, some contact, some experience with the Christ mind, or with me as an ascended master, or with another ascended master, or even with your I Am Presence and Christ self. You are opening yourself to an experience without seeking a specific answer.


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