How to break the addiction to sex

Question: Considering men’s sexuality, I have noticed the importance of withdrawing from ejaculation of seminary liquids for longer periods of time, as my sexual life has been quite active. There is now a higher awareness growing in my society also of ejaculation as a choice practice. I personally felt that my mental well-being is that more is at a higher degree with this new way of discipline, to withdraw from ejaculation, and I’m in a more balanced way of being, and feel more going and full of energy. This has required for me to change my consciousness, especially considering pornography, and how I look upon women, and to find new ways to transmute the energetic pressure. Can the masters give advice for men and women about these topics?

 Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

Well, basically, what you see in society is what we talked about at the women’s webinar where Astrea gave this profound dictation that for 90% of men, sex is an addiction. Anybody who has used pornography, who has had promiscuous sexual practices, or who have had sex beyond a certain frequency, they are addicted to sex. The question really is, are people willing to break that addiction? And if so, how can they do it? And withdrawing from ejaculation is one way to bring an element of discipline into your sexual practices. It will of course also free you from energy because few things can drain your general energy level more than exaggerated sexual practice.

I would however, suggest that, naturally for ascended master students, it is important to look at this as an addiction, and use the tools we have given to break the hold that these collective entities have on you. Pornography has only really one purpose and it is to serve, to give, certain collective entities an inroad into people’s consciousness so they can steal their energy. Many other exaggerated unbalanced, sexual practices only have the same purpose. If you look at it naturally, neither men nor women have a need to have sex more than a few times in a week or a month.

Anything more than that is the kind of addiction that will drain your energy. It is a matter of realizing this and making a decision about it. And truly, what this will require is some mental discipline. You can come to a point where you become sensitive to how energy flows in your chakras. And you can,for example, notice that if you put your mind on sex or sexual fantasies, there can be energy flowing into your base chakra that can create a spiral or a tension, a disharmony and the more you allow this to build, well, the more the pressure is to release it through sexual activity or in other ways.

You can come to a point where you learn to stop this spiral before it even begins, you can stop yourself from allowing energy to go into your base chakra and build an intensity. You can do this partly by decrees, partly by awareness, partly by willpower, partly by when you feel this to direct your attention on something else, not allow your attention to dwell on the topic of sex or related issues.

It is simply necessary on the spiritual path, that you learn to take a certain command over your attention so that you are deciding where your attention goes, not allowing it to be pulled into, whether it is sex or many other topics, by forces that are external to yourself, where you are not really making a choice to make this happen.


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