How to be free from sexual trauma 

Question: How do the ascended masters see children sexual abuse and incest compared to other unbalanced things happening on earth. How can one free him/herself from the trauma of sexual abuse and forgive their abusers?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mary  through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology

Well, it is clear that any form of abuse that happens to people who cannot easily say no or defend themselves or walk away from the abuser, is a more severe form of abuse than other forms of abuse. Clearly, children often find it difficult to walk away from certain adults in their lives, especially family members, they often find it difficult to say no, and they cannot defend themselves against an adult. So this is a very, very severe form of abuse that leads to tremendous karma.

In terms of how you can free yourself from it and the trauma. Well, this is something we have commented on several times. And especially in the book, “Healing Your Spiritual Traumas” and in the other books, you can find tools for helping this. Any kind of abuse leads you to create a separate self in order to deal with the abuse, in order to deal with how you look at yourself as a result of having been abused.

There is a certain consciousness that ties in with any form of abuse. And it is that for many people, they have a clearly subconscious realization that there is a certain cause and effect. And they think, based on long programming, that if something happened to them, they must have deserved it. So there is a certain tendency to believe that if someone did something to me, I must have done something either to them or someone else in a past life. Otherwise, I would not have deserved this.

And we have of course given teachings on karma. And there can be situations where what happens to you and this life is a result of your karma. But we have also given teachings that make it clear that not everything that happens to you is a result of your karma or something you did in a past life.

It may in fact, be a result of the free will choices of the abuser. It may also be that you have chosen to embody with an abuser in order to give that person a chance to transcend the abuse. But it may also be that you have chosen to embody in that situation in order to overcome something in your own psychology that you  have not overcome in past lifetimes. And by being exposed to abuse, you force yourself, to bring it to the surface where you have to deal with it.

The best thing you can do is, look at yourself, look at the entire situation as an opportunity to heal your psychology from these deep wounds from past lives. And then work on that, work on discovering those separate selves, letting go of these separate selves and then the forgiveness will be a result of letting go of these selves.

There is not only forgiveness of the abuser, but there is forgiveness of yourself for your reaction or for even having allowed the abuse, where many people feel guilt for having allowed it. This is also something you need to forgive yourself of. But it can only be done by letting go of the self that makes you feel guilty for having allowed it, that makes you feel like you should not have been exposed to this.

So there is a whole conglomerate of separate selves that are involved in these situations of abuse. And you need to simply use our teachings and tools to unravel them. It may take some time, it may be one of the primary things you wanted to achieve in this lifetime. But it is definitely worth it to spend however long it takes to overcome this. Of course, it can also be necessary to use therapy of various kinds to bring certain things out. So we are not recommending only our teachings and tools.


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