How to avoid hatred and loss of faith during war 

Question: My question and request to the Archangel Michael. I live in Ukraine in the city of Kharkov. From the first days of the war, I asked Archangel Michael to protect my city of Kharkov, and the whole country of Ukraine. At a conference in Ukraine in 2019, Archangel Michael said that he was drawing a line of fire along the border of Ukraine. And I thought that my country would now be safe. I do not know the ways of the Lord, but I asked you to protect my country Ukraine and my city Kharkov from the Nazis from Russia. Archangel Michael strengthen us in this difficult hour and give us your advice on how not to be drawn into a reactionary pattern of behavior when my city is being bombed, and my compatriots are being killed.

Answer from the Ascended Master Archangel Michael through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2022 Webinar – Democracy and Christhood.

I fully understand the feelings and the thoughts you have in a situation like this. I am, as you might know, the Archangel who is charged with defending people’s faith. And I have over the long time span I have been associated with earth, many times seen people lose their faith in situations like this. People have throughout the ages been asking a higher authority, however they saw this as God or angels or whatever, to protect them from evil. And then when it has not worked, and they have still been attacked by evil in the physical realm, they have many times lost their faith, they have thought it was a false promise, or that maybe God does not exist, and so forth.

I understand your thoughts and feelings. But I also need to make you aware that it is because you have not actually studied our teachings sufficiently. Because what we have stated very clearly through this messenger is that when you make calls to us, you authorize us to act in the identity realm, the mental realm, and the emotional realm. But there has always been a limit to what we can do in the physical realm. Because this is where on a planet like earth, free will must be allowed to outplay itself.

You are perfectly correct, that I drew a line of fire around the borders of Ukraine, which was specifically done to prevent the situation you have right now of a Russian invasion. However, this fire was in the emotional, mental and identity realms. It cannot stop people from abusing their free will, and taking physical actions. It can make it less likely that they will take those physical actions, but it cannot stop it completely. You need to understand that whenever you make calls to the ascended masters, everything that happens on earth is under the law of free will. We know it, we respect it. Human beings often either do not know it, or do not respect it, or they do not fully understand what it actually means.

Let us take the situation here. In 2019, we had a very important and very wonderful conference in Ukraine, with many people from Ukraine, from Russia from other former Soviet republics and from Western countries as well. And this was an opportunity for both the Ukrainian nation and the Russian nation to step up to a higher level. In Russia, it meant that the Russian people would start listening to Putin’s rhetoric, acknowledge what he is actually saying and make their voices heard in making it clear that they were not in agreement with this. There was a potential that a certain critical mass of people could have done this. But that did not happen.

Then you take the situation in Ukraine, where it was also an opportunity for Ukraine. And the biggest issue in Ukraine at the time, was the division in Ukraine, between those who were sympathetic towards Russia, primarily in the Eastern part and those who were more Western leaning. Then there were those who were the Russian speaking Ukrainians who may not have been wanting to become part of Russia, but who still were loyal to the Russian language, and maybe Russia as a nation, or the idea of the very close association between Russia and Ukraine. It was also an opportunity for Ukraine to step up and move towards a more modern nation.

This was also with the election of Volodymyr Zelensky as President, an opportunity for the Ukrainian people to move decisively in a new direction.

First of all, overcoming corruption, seeing corruption as a major problem, and distancing itself from the corruption. Now, you will know of course, that corruption is also a major problem in Russia. And therefore, there is a certain correspondence there, between those people in Ukraine who are Russian leaning Russian, sympathetic, or even Russian speaking, who are more tied into the collective consciousness than Russia, and therefore are tied into the systemic corruption that you have in Russia. You also have the lack of humanity, the lack of sensitivity to other people, the lack of willingness to acknowledge, for example, democratic rights and principles.

You see that in 2019 Ukraine was a very divided nation. The entire conference was an opportunity for Ukraine to start overcoming this division, stepping up. But this did not really happen to the degree it could have happened. There was movement in the right direction. There is no question about this, but the basic division was not overcome. If it had been, there would not have been a Russian invasion.

You see what I am saying, I can draw a line of fire around the borders of Ukraine, but if there is a division inside Ukraine, then the free will of the people in Ukraine will neutralize my protection in the physical realm. This does not mean that my protection has been neutralized completely. I can assure you that if there had not been a protection of Ukraine, in the emotional, mental and identity realms, the situation would have been much worse in Ukraine than it is. To speak plainly, the Russian forces would have had greater military success than they have had. They would still be threatening Kyiv if they had not taken over parts of Kyiv. And they would have long ago taken over the Donbas region.

So it (the line of fire) has a certain effect in the physical. But the free will of the people can override the effect in the physical realm. Basically, you can say that, calls and prayers cannot override free will in the physical. It can make it less likely that people will make the decision to start an aggression. But if they make that decision anyway, prayers and decrees cannot stop it at the physical level.

Again, in Russia, if there had been a greater growth in the collective consciousness, then Putin would not have made that decision. I can tell you that even though Putin had planned and prepared for this invasion for some time, it was not until after the Winter Olympics that he made the final decision not only to invade, but to go for an all-out invasion, even threatening Kyiv instead of focusing on the East. So in his mind, there was a very delicate balance between invading and not invading and it was not a very big factor that tipped him to the one side. It could have been that he had withdrawn and stuck with the claim that it was all a military exercise and it was just the West hysteria that made them think he was going to invade. This could also have been a kind of victory for him as he sees it.

You see here that the calls made by the ascended master students in Ukraine, outside of Ukraine and in Russia, they do have an effect. But they cannot stop people from making certain choices and taking certain actions in the physical. They can mitigate it, but they cannot stop it. And this is because free will must be allowed to outplay itself. And those people who can only learn from the school of hard knocks, they must be allowed to create the situations that will give them the hard knocks that are their only chance of stepping up to a higher level.

You can say the Russians obviously need the hard knocks they will get from this situation, in order for there to be change in Russia. But you also have to say that even the Ukrainians, at least many of them, also needed the hard knocks of this situation. Ukraine now has an opportunity to move beyond the divisions that were there before. To, as other masters have said, forge a more clear national identity, and desire to become a modern nation, even a desire to say: “We cannot allow these oligarchs and this corruption to undermine the progress of the nation”.

Now, in order for this to happen to its highest potential, it is very important that the Ukrainian people do not allow themselves to be completely overtaken by the spiritual poison of anger and hatred that Jesus talked about. The more anger and hatred the Ukrainian people allow themselves to feel towards the Russians, the more it will slow down the progress of Ukraine. We understand as ascended masters, that you are in a very difficult position. You have lived your whole life in a city that has been peaceful and relatively prosperous. Now you are seeing your city bombed into ruins by the Russian artillery, you are seeing your friends, perhaps family members killed, your own houses or apartment buildings destroyed, the public buildings that you used to love and appreciate destroyed. We understand that this is a difficult situation.

But what I am simply saying is, you need to make a choice. How dedicated are you to the future of Ukraine as a free independent nation that becomes a modern nation that can become part of the European community? How dedicated are you to this? Because you need to recognize that the more hatred you feel towards Russians, the more you will slow down the growth of Ukraine. You need to recognize here that it is not for the Russians sake, that you need to avoid hatred. It is for your own sake.

You need to recognize here that what is the future of Ukraine? Most people in Ukraine, at least the ones who are not in the far East or who have voluntarily fled to Russia, most people now recognize that their future in Ukraine, lies in being free from Russia and Russian dominance and influence and aggression. The future of Ukraine is to be free from Russia. But my beloved, you cannot be free from Russia if you hate Russia and Russians. You will tie yourself to them karmically and this will slow down the growth of Ukraine as a free independent nation.

You will limit your freedom from Russia, by allowing yourself to be overpowered by this spiritual poison of hatred. It can be no other way. You can see so many examples in history where the same thing has happened, where you have these karmic ties between two groups of people. You have Jews and Arabs, Jews and Palestinians. And many times you see that the people who are embodied in Israel today were embodied in Arab nations or in the Palestinian group in their past lifetime. Some of the Palestinians today were Jews in their past lifetime. And they keep reinforcing this karma, so they keep tying themselves to each other.

How will you be free of Russia? By letting go of any feelings: hatred, anger, attachment, desire for revenge, desire to prove them wrong, desire to humiliate Russia—all of these feelings, the more you can let go of them, the more free you will be, and the more quickly you will be free. This is simply another aspect of the law of free will. By hating other people, you are using your free will to tie yourself to them. I know it is difficult. I know what the Russians are doing in Ukraine is extremely inhumane. I know it, I see it. But my beloved, for your own sake, for your own freedom, let go of the hatred. Do what you need to do, but let go of the hatred. Hatred towards others is not a good foundation for building a free independent and prosperous nation. Neither is it a good foundation for healing the traumas that people have received as a result of this war.

So for the sake of everybody, let go of the past in order to embrace the future.


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