How to approach a new phase on the path 

Question: After following the teachings of the ascended master for many years, the so-called honeymoon phase began to go away. As it was mentioned in a recent dictation – I felt like I stopped making progress. The dictations that once brought me to tears of joy now produced an unpleasant contracting feeling in my energy field. I felt deep down that my next steps for growth were to free myself of all ideologies and mental images, instead of being so attached to the teachings that had already been given. I wanted to fully experience and immerse myself in the living waters of truth. However, my fear of leaving the teachings behind and stepping up higher held me back for a very long time. How do we best handle this phase of our path so we can make the most progress? Also, I felt that some of the recent dictations are really stepping up to a higher level and I have been resonating with them. A personal “thank you” to Kim for always being open to transcending himself and not getting stuck at a certain level.

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology.

Well, as Mother Mary addressed in her dictation based on a question at the last webinar, the Russian webinar, it is natural that you will have certain phases on your spiritual path. And it is important not to fixate your outer mind on having to follow a specific teaching or follow the teaching in a specific way.

Many students have decided with their outer minds that this is how they are going to study the teachings, this is how many decrees and invocations they are going to give. And this can be valid for a time to push through a certain resistance and push yourself above the mass consciousness. But then there comes a time where it is not productive anymore – then you will feel that there is more resistance. You will feel that you are not getting out of it what you used to get out of it – and you are not, because you are not growing. Because now you need to do something differently.

It does not necessarily mean you have to leave the teaching or study another teaching, but if that is the prompting you get from within, then you should do. We have never said that people should be loyal to a certain teaching. On the other hand, you also have to be careful that you do not leave the teaching when you should not have done so, based on your divine plan and your growth. In other words, this is not a decision that should be made by the outer mind but through an intuitive prompting.

What I first of all recommend is that you look at your approach to the teaching, to the path and these spiritual practices, and realize that it may be time to find a different approach, where you do not force yourself anymore. You could do what comes from within: if you need to take a break from giving invocations, then do so.

I would still recommend, though, that you keep a certain minimum, especially find some of the invocations we have given based on transmuting the separate selves and keep giving those perhaps giving them more slowly while really meditating on the words, studying those dictations as well. I also recommend that you keep in touch with the teaching and what is happening to the teaching, because we do step up from time to time, and it may be that you have simply been ready for that step before it came through in the physical. And if you leave the teaching behind, you may not see that we are giving a higher teaching and therefore not be able to take advantage of it as quickly as you otherwise could.

The non-constructive reaction is, of course, to look at what is happening inside your mind and project it outside—that now something has happened to the teaching, something has happened to the messenger, he is no longer a valid messenger, he is no longer in touch with the real ascended masters and so on.

Remember, that the real path, as I said in a previous answer about the narrow way, is an inner path. It is about your consciousness – what is happening in your consciousness. Only when you are looking at your own reaction to the teaching, rather than the teaching itself, will you get the full benefit and experience maximum growth. When you have this experience that you are feeling resistance that you are not getting the results you are used to – it is always because there is something you have not seen in your approach to the teaching. By looking at that, you may not have to withdraw, you may simply take a different approach, and therefore still experience growth.


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