How our beliefs affect our bodies

Question: Are there places in the body where we hold certain limiting beliefs? Is for example, a belief of not being worthy at a specific location in your auric field and therefore also has an imprint at a specific location in the body?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar for Russia – Overcoming the consciousness of Superiority and the Sense of Being Unwhole, Traumatized and Focused Outside Oneself.

As we have explained, the physical body is a result of what happens at the identity, mental and emotional levels. It is sort of a projection of what happens at these levels. It is clear that you can say for example, that if you take the physical body, there is an image or an imprint of the physical body at the emotional level, at the mental and at the identity level. They are course different.

But nevertheless, you can say that, at the emotional body, there is sort of a map of the body that corresponds to the physical body. And there are certain emotions in that map, and they correspond to certain places such as organs in the body. And this is very true that you can map this. There are already various theories, various therapies, various healing methods out there that are doing this. We are working with a number of people to bring forth more knowledge of this, but it is beyond what we have decided to bring forth through this dispensation, at least at this time.

You need to, if you are interested in this area, go out there and find some kind of system or belief, or theory that applies to you, that resonates with you. And then you can use it of course, you can use it in connection with our teachings. You can certainly, when you become aware that a certain organ is burdened by a certain emotional energy, you can use the appropriate decrees and invocations to consume that energy. And you can also use our technique for identifying separate selves to heal a certain organ that you feel is burdened.

It is by no means so that our teachings are exclusive, or that you need to accept this messenger or these teachings, to use them ─ you are of course free to use them in other contexts, use them together with other healing modalities, perhaps even recommend them to other people, as an effective way to deal with the conditions that burden them.

I will say that, as we move more into the golden age, as Saint Germain said, all of the human divisions will begin to blur. And this also means that in the healing field, there will be less of this exclusivist mentality where you have to step into this particular movement, this particular system and accept it fully and not accept anything else. It is the same as for example, ascended master teachings—they will also blur and people will study many different ascended master teachings.

And there will be organizations that will form that are open to many ascended master teachings. There will be organizations, as there already has been to some degree that are open to many different spiritual tools, techniques, healing modalities, where it is not a matter of: “Do you believe this? Or do you believe that”? The question is: “What works? What is effective? What actually helps people”?

What I will say as a cautionary note here is it is very important to keep in mind that the physical body is the projection that starts at the identity, goes to the mental then the emotional level. There are certain healing modalities that have sort of reversed this. They believe that the key to healing or spiritual growth is to do something to the physical body. And that this is the only way or the most effective way to affect the other bodies.

I am not saying that you should not do something to the physical body when necessary. But when you are talking about spiritual or psychological healing, you need to start at the higher bodies. In some cases, you may need to start to the emotions and then go up to the mental and identity. Other times you can go to the mental or sometimes to the identity level.

But do not begin to believe that the key to spiritual growth for example, is to do something with or to the physical body. Because this is not the most effective way to pursue spiritual growth. I know very well that many people do this. Many people believe that yoga as a physical exercise is an effective way for spiritual growth. I am not saying it does not work for spiritual growth. But it is not the most effective way to spiritual growth. Because the most effective way is to work directly with the higher bodies.


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