How long can Putin stay in embodiment?

Question: I am from Russia, looking at what condition Putin is in, I sometimes think that he may blow himself up from the tension. As far as I can understand he is making every effort to counteract the growth of consciousness in Russia. Given that his natural lifespan has already expired, how long can he live and function in that state?

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Increasing Your Christ Discernment.

Well, my beloved, it is really a question that depends on what happens in the collective consciousness of the Russian people. Because as we have said, it is the Russian people that are keeping him artificially in embodiment, because they are not yet ready for a different type of leadership. Otherwise, he simply could not remain as the leader, if there was the necessary shift in the collective consciousness. It is quite correct that he is doing everything that he can to prevent this shift in consciousness. And he is of course being a tool for some very dark beings who are seeking to manipulate Russia through him.

It is also correct that for the fallen beings who go into a position like that, when they are in embodiment, there will be enormous tension associated with it. That is why you will see in many cases, that people get more and more tense, more and more agitated. You see, for example, in the life of Stalin, how he became more and more paranoid to the point of basically suspecting everyone around him of wanting to betray him and take his power. You see a similar thing happening to Putin in the sense that he is also becoming more and more tense, more and more agitated. And it is partly related to the fact that he is resisting the growth in the collective consciousness, but also partly related to the fact that he has a certain self-image.

Putin is not necessarily one of the most negative or high ranking fallen beings on the planet. But he actually has a certain sense of wanting to do something good. At least in his outer mind, he believes that he was the right person at the right time for Russia, and that Russia could not have made progress without him. So he has in his mind this image of being, to use the Christian vocabulary, the “savior” of Russia. But at the same time, as we have said before, when you are a dictator who has virtually unlimited power in your country, and you still cannot solve the problems in that country, it becomes more difficult for you to maintain that self-image. And so, this is part of his stress.

Now, how long can he stay in embodiment? Well, it depends again on the Russian people, when a critical mass make that decision that they want something different. It is sometimes possible, that a country can be almost in suspended animation, almost in a state where nothing really can move in a certain area of that society, because the people are afraid of the change. Many people in Russia are afraid of what changes would come if Putin was not there. What would then happen? Would there be a power fight among some of these oligarchs? Would there be another dictator worse than Putin? Or would Russia deteriorate into a nation where there are so many factions that no one can make a decision.

You can see this in certain nations where for a time, sometimes decades, they can be stuck in this immobile state. You can look, for example, to the United Kingdom, where the Queen has now been kept artificially alive by the English people for quite some time, because they do not want Charles to be the king. A large portion of the British people do not want Charles to become the king, for various reasons. They are concerned, what will happen to the monarchy if Charles becomes King, and they are concerned what will happen to England if it is no longer a monarchy.

You can see how a country can have this resistance to change in a certain area that keeps the country stuck in a certain position, where they cannot move forward in certain ways. The United Kingdom cannot, for example, question the current system with the power elite, because they cannot question the monarchy. And the same thing in Russia, if you cannot question Putin, you cannot question the oligarchs that are set in position by Putin and held in position by Putin.


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