How is the Lord Maitreya connected to Lord Ganesha? 

Question: A question for the Great Divine Director. I read somewhere on the Summit Lighthouse website that your causal body is somehow connected to that of Lord Ganesha, who is much revered in Hinduism. I am an ascended master student who has grown up in a Hindu culture, so it is of great interest to me. What exactly does this mean? I would like to have a better understanding of your Being, as I often pay my respects to Lord Ganesha too, and would like to know your thoughts on this. It would dissipate confusion, and maybe help let go of mental images I have created for yourself and Lord Ganesha as well.

 Answer from the Ascended Master The Great Divine Director through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Increasing Your Christ Discernment.

Well, my beloved, we have, both through previous organizations and dispensations, and this one, attempted to somewhat bridge the gap between various religions wherever it has been possible. We have, in previous dispensations, given certain teachings about the connection between myself and Lord Ganesha. Now, it is important to realize here that you cannot be too literal about these things, you cannot look too much at the specifics. It is clear that the very outer form that Lord Ganesha has been given in Hinduism really has no bearing on who I am as a cosmic being, because this is a form based on the images and the animal forms you find on earth, and of course, I am beyond all of this.

But what can be valid is to maintain a certain connection between various religions. Obviously, in this dispensation, we talk about Shiva, we talk about Krishna, even though not very much, but we have mentioned it, and so then attempted to establish a connection between the ascended masters and the Hindu gods and goddesses. And this is valid enough as an interim stage. But it is clear that we are not really seeking to attract a great number of Hindus, because in order to really step up and become an ascended master student, you need to be willing to look beyond the Hindu religion and its outer expressions.

The Hindu religion is a very diversified religion, so many gods and goddesses, so many rituals, so many images, so many customs, that it is literally overwhelming to most people. It is a little bit like the Jewish religion that has also become so set in customs, traditions and rituals, that there is very little room for the spirit to enter. You can, of course, use these parallels, such as the parallel between Lord Ganesha and myself, the dictations of Shiva and other eastern masters, Kuan Yin and others, to maybe bridge the gap between various eastern religions. We have, of course, talked about the Buddha and the Buddhist religion, and Gautama Buddha has given many teachings through this messenger, and so it can be valid for people who are open to something beyond their own religion.

But if people are still very much identified with their religion, be it Buddhism or Hinduism, then we do not intend to have our students go out and try to convert people to an ascended master teaching. This needs to be something people are ready for at inner levels, before they will be open to it. It is not our vision that we create some kind of movement where people go out and become missionaries like you see in the Christian churches, where they go out on these missionary expeditions to convert other people to their religion, and have them abandon their old one. But of course, there is nothing wrong with people who have grown up in a Hindu environment taking various teachings or rituals, such as decrees and invocations, from the ascended masters’ teachings, and still maintaining some customs from the Hindu religion.


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