How does the transformation of consciousness happen?

Question: If we read articles on near-death experiences, those people who experience near-death, say it like this: “When I left my body, my view was open towards all directions, and I could go everywhere that I wanted, and watch the situations that I was curious about. Furthermore, I could receive all knowledge about any questions, telepathically, even though they were cosmic issues, or the principles of life.” And we can see that after a near-death experience, people change their view of life and raise their consciousness. Likewise, after we die, we will learn various things without being restricted by our body until re-embodiment. Especially, during that time, we could realize that we did lots of things based on illusions. Nevertheless, when we re-embody, we repeat old patterns over and over again. Why isn’t this knowledge learned before re-embodiment, saved in the soul vehicle, so it can be used in the next lifetime?

 Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Being the Open Door for Planet Earth.

Well, first of all, you need to be a little careful how you evaluate near-death experiences. The near-death experience phenomenon is a very valuable phenomenon that has helped many people achieve or attain/adopt a more spiritual outlook and attitude to life. But you also need to recognize here that not everything that some people have experienced during a near-death experience applies to all people.

Many, many people have looked at these near-death experiences, and have wondered why they don’t have such experiences during their spiritual practices. Some people have actually had near-death experiences and have not had these profound spiritual experiences and they wonder why. You have to realize that some of the people who have had these very profound near-death experiences, they have reached a fairly high level of consciousness. They may not always have been aware of this, but they had a certain attainment from past lives.

This means that they were not as attached to the physical body. That is why they found it relatively easy to leave the body and retain consciousness. Many people find it much more difficult to leave the body, whether they are under anesthesia, whether they are asleep, or whether the body is actually dead. For many people, it takes much longer to leave the body. And many people, even after they leave the body, they go to a realm that is adapted to their level of consciousness. There are only certain people that can go so far beyond the body that it can have these more profound experiences.

Now, in terms of the question of what you learn while you are out of the body between embodiments: First of all, when you are out of the body between embodiments you are not out of your four lower bodies. You are out of the physical body, but not your emotional, mental and identity body. Now you can have periods where you can separate yourself from these and travel somewhere and have certain experiences. But when it comes to coming back into your next embodiment and preparing your divine plan for that environment, you are very much in your emotional, mental and identity bodies because your next embodiment is planned so that you can overcome the wounds, the separate selves, the traumas that you have in those bodies.

This cannot be done, at least not all of it, while you are in between embodiments. There are certain things that need to be done, need to be overcome, while you are in physical embodiment. You are learning certain lessons that are beyond your level of consciousness, but not too far beyond the level of your emotional, mental and identity body. When you come back into embodiment, you forget what you learned while you were out of the body, because it is part of the learning process that you discover this while you are in a dense physical body.

There is a certain misunderstanding that is found among many spiritual people that is very, very common in the New Age community. And it is that the purpose of spiritual growth is to reach some ultimate level of consciousness. Whether you call it enlightenment or whatever, it does not matter. There is a goal that needs to be reached, and these people think that it is just a matter of achieving this goal as quickly as possible: “So why don’t the masters just help me overcome all of my issues, so I do not have to come back into embodiment?” But this is not the case. The goal is not to reach the ascended state as quickly as possible. As we have said before, the goal of life is not to come into embodiment, make karma, balance that karma and leave. The goal is the transformation of consciousness.

The confusing thing for many is that the transformation of consciousness happens at the level of your I Am Presence, giving your Presence experiences that are stored in the causal body. But these experiences are based on what the Conscious You experiences while you are in embodiment. It is not a matter of simply overcoming a certain problem as quickly as possible. It is a matter of you going through the process of consciously undoing the choices you made in the past. And it is only when the Conscious You undoes a choice that the Conscious You made in the past, at a lower state of consciousness, that the experience of your I Am Presence results in growth at that level.

There would be no point if you received help from the ascended masters to achieve enlightenment in five minutes. You have taken a certain time through your own free will choices to walk into the labyrinth of the reality simulator. This was perfectly in order. This was part of what you were meant to do as part of the immersion phase. But the awakening phase is that you retrace your steps, undo those decisions. And it is in doing this step-by-step, one thing at a time, that you achieve growth. And the purpose for your I Am Presence sending the Conscious You down was to achieve growth. It was not just to come down here and then get out of here as quickly as possible. It was to have as many experiences and as much growth as possible from being in an unascended sphere or being on an unnatural planet.


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