How does God judge the dark forces?

Question: Beloved Jesus, In the Miracle Oneness Rosary, it states (near the end of the Rosary in #8), “I affirm that God’s mercy has come to an end this day, and therefore, these forces are judged.” I was quite surprised when I read that because I believe that even through the judgment of dark forces, God is being merciful. Would you please give me a better understanding of what Mother Mary means by this statement? Thank you so much. 

In God’s Love, I AM Victoria

Answer from Jesus:

The statement in the Oneness Rosary is derived from the discourse by the Presence of Oneness. This is the relevant text from the discourse:

“This then is a turning point in the history of Earth because I truly say that, from this moment forward, the process of judgment, started by Jesus Christ when he said, “For judgment I am come” (John 9:39), shall now be accelerated a thousand-fold by the Presence of Oneness that I am. Therefore, let there be a warning to all those who perpetuate the lie of separation to depart from your lies and your deceitful ways instantly, so that you will not destroy yourselves in the process of promoting the lie that is no longer allowed in the forcefield of planet Earth. Therefore, I say, “Woe unto you lawyers, for ye have taken away the key of knowledge, the knowledge of the One God that is all and in all. You yourselves did not want to enter that kingdom of oneness, the kingdom of your true identity as one with God. And in your unwillingness to accept that oneness, you sought to hinder the innocent ones from entering into the Circle of Oneness that is the true kingdom of the Creator of this universe.”

Out of the mercy of your Creator, you have been allowed to continue in your sin and in your illusion, yet that mercy has come to an end this day, and therefore I say, “Heed the true teachings of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who came to call the lost tribes of Israel to repentance, the repentance that means that you are willing to see through the illusion of separation, to accept it as an illusion and to choose this day to serve the One God who is in you and in everything else. You are willing to accept the truth in the statement made by Jesus that the kingdom of God is within you because God is within you. And without him was not anything made that was made, and therefore nothing that was made could be separated from the One God out of which it is made.”

This statement simply refers to the fact that there are certain cycles in the spiritual evolution of planet Earth. I am sure you are aware that humanity is moving out of the Piscean age and into the Aquarian age. The real significance of this change is that people need to rise above the consciousness that dominated the age of Pisces and rise to the consciousness of the age of Aquarius.

Each spiritual cycle presents humanity with a unique opportunity to rise above a particular aspect of the lower consciousness, thereby overcoming a certain illusion. I did indeed come to inaugurate a cycle that was meant to help humanity rise above the illusion that they are separated from God and that God is located somewhere up in Heaven where he is unreachable. I came to help all people accept the fact that they are sons and daughters of God, who can reach God within their hearts because the kingdom of God is within them.

As you will see from the scriptures, I was constantly challenging those who had taken away the key of knowledge, the knowledge that the kingdom of God is within each human being in the form of the open door that no human can shut, namely the Christ self. I came to bring the judgment of those who for thousands of years had promoted the illusion that human beings are unworthy to achieve oneness with their Creator, oneness with the very source from which they came. I did indeed initiate that judgment, which truly is an opportunity to rise above a certain state of consciousness. So for the past 2,000 years, all people have had a unique opportunity to rise above the illusion of separation from God.

There are still certain people and certain dark spirits who refuse to let go of this illusion, and who to this day seek to spread it among humankind. Yet as the Presence of Oneness states, the cycle of judgment that I started 2,000 years ago has now reached its climax, and therefore these people and forces will quickly be judged and removed from this planet unless they let go of the illusion of separation.

The simple fact is that God’s mercy means that after I started the cycle of judgment, people were given a certain period of time to actually rise above the consciousness that I came to judge. Yet if people had forever to do this, how would the planet ever make any progress? So the simple fact is that there must come a point when that opportunity comes to an end. This then becomes the opportunity for the rest of humanity to be free of the downward pull of these dark souls and dark beings, who will not say die to the illusion of separation.

As they are removed in the coming years, you will indeed see a lightening of the consciousness of humankind that will lead to many subtle changes in the religious life of this planet. You will also see changes in the scientific establishment who will begin to look beyond materialism to a much higher degree than has been the case so far.

So rejoice in the fact that the mercy, which in a sense allowed the illusion of separation to continue to affect humankind, has now come to an end. This gives rise to a new cycle of mercy, where people will find it easier than ever before to attain a sense of oneness with God.


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