How do we learn in the etheric retreats

Question: This question is about learning in the etheric retreats. While we are sleeping we visit the etheric retreats of the ascended masters, learn the lessons necessary for us and purify our four lower bodies. When we wake up, most of us do not consciously remember these. Why can we not remember what happens in the retreats most of the time? Is this based on a plan that the Elohim designed or is it because we are in a lower level of consciousness?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Korea in 2019.

In previous ascended master dispensations there was a certain view that was given of what it means to attend the retreats of the masters in the etheric realm. It was based on the level of the collective consciousness at the time. There was often sort of an aura created – just as Surya talked about in his dictation, people had a tendency to take their present level of consciousness and project on the concept we give them. This means that you had at that time much more of a focus on the outer path. So the thought was that we of the ascended masters can do so much for people and that if you just keep doing the decrees and going to the retreats at night, then one day you will wake up and be ready to ascend. The deeper reality is of course that your progress on the spiritual path depends on the shifts you make in your consciousness.

What we do at the retreats is not so much give you this mystical knowledge, these magical formulas, or perform these miraculous healings on you. We help you to work on yourself. We help you to work on things at a subconscious level until you are ready for those things to break through at the conscious level. It really isn’t necessary for you to remember consciously what happens at the retreats, at least in most cases. In many cases you might be working on some deep issues in your psychology, some separate selves that were created a long time ago in different embodiments and you might be working on these for quite some time, in a particular retreat.  You don’t need to remember all of the work that happened at the retreat. It would just be a distraction from your daily life.

When you are ready to have the conscious breakthrough it will happen, but not as a result of remembering what happened in the retreat. It will result from some situation where you suddenly shift your consciousness. There was in previous times a certain competition between ascended master students of who had the most spectacular experiences. There was also a certain competition about who had heard from the masters and who had gotten directions and who had this vision or that dream or this astrology or that astrology. This is what we are calling you to rise beyond in this dispensation. You don’t really need it anymore as Surya again said: “Once you resolve these outer selves, all of this just falls away and it isn’t necessary anymore.”

So basically if you remember something from a retreat and that’s fine, but if you don’t remember something don’t worry about it, don’t try to force yourself. Again, it’s this mechanism that you take the level of consciousness you have when you find the teachings and you use it to formulate some kind of desire for what you would like to see happen on the path. But it’s a limited vision you have. So there can come a point where that desire now becomes not only a distraction but actually a hindrance to your progress. So it’s important to look at this and simply come to a point where you are not trying to force anything, you are not wanting anything. You are letting it happen if it happens, and if it doesn’t happen you are not concerned about it.


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