How do we go to a spiritual retreat?

Question: What are the logistics of going to spiritual retreats? Does an angel invite us, does our identity body separate from our other bodies?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Washington, D.C. (USA) in 2019.

You don’t become invited to a spiritual retreat by an angel, you invite yourself— you go on your own. It’s something you can do consciously when you are an ascended master student, but this doesn’t mean that you have to do it consciously to go to the retreats. This is something that usually starts many lifetimes ago, where you gradually start building a certain momentum on tuning into some higher reality; however, you see it. This means that you can then have the desire to learn, and then you can go at night and start going and traveling. You usually go in your identity body, and that means that the identity body goes to the retreat. It isn’t necessarily constructive to say that the identity body separates itself from the physical body.

You have to be careful here to realize that we have given you certain images that the etheric retreat is located in the etheric realm over a certain physical location. This is because this was given at a time where people are much more linear in their consciousness. But obviously physical distance and physical location mean something in the physical realm, but it doesn’t mean very much in the identity realm. It’s not so much that your identity body has to separate itself from your physical body, if you are in the United States and then go to the island of Crete to attend Hilarion’s retreat. It’s more that you have to tune in to that vibration of the retreat. Then you can attend the retreat in your identity body without really leaving the physical body. Because, again, there isn’t that physical locality in the identity realm. But if it helps people to visualize that your identity body separates from the physical and travels to the location of the retreat, then that’s also a valid way to visualize it. You might consider that as you grow on the path, you can let go of these images.

It’s the same reason why we, in this dispensation haven’t released any new pictures of ascended masters and don’t encourage the use of pictures. If people feel they need it, they are free to use them, of course. We are not wanting to promote this because there comes that point where you need to be able to tune into our presence without having a visible picture, without hearing our keynote or any of these outer means. It’s not that it’s wrong to use them as just that it’s a particular stage of the path. We hope that we can help many of you rise above that stage, so you’re no longer need it.


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